Friday, July 15, 2016

Prejudice - Blog Marathon Day 1

So, I am writing my first post for Blogchatter Blog Marathon. It's called Daily Chatter. And, it's day one.

Will start this post with a thoughtful quotation.

"I am resigning from my job," one of my closest friends said. She worked as a lecturer in a college.

"Why?" was my instant response as she enjoyed her work immensely. Preparing for her classes, interacting with students and all that.

"Moving to a different city."

"Oh, that's okay," I said, not worrying a bit. "You can join some other college in that city."

"No, I can't do this!" she said. "That would be difficult in a big city. Different city. Different pattern." I could understand what she meant. But then, she said something that left me confused.

"Students would be smarter than me, there," she said.

How did she know that without even trying? Why this prejudice? After all they were still students, and she was an experienced teacher. It was even more confusing as my friend is very well qualified (NET qualified). She is dedicated and hardworking. She clearly underestimated herself.

However, I couldn't decide her career. So went on to join a big company in that 'different, big city' as a senior executive. I hope she truly enjoys her work.

But, it keeps me thinking. You think you are the smartest one in the group and you feel good about it. You hesitate to join people who are smarter than you. But, you don't realize that by doing this you restrict your growth. Your ability to perform better.

This feeling, that I am smart and know everything, hinders your development and your desire to learn. And, learning is a lifelong process. Isn't it?

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  1. Very true !!! If you start thinking u know all ..means u know nothing now!!

  2. So true. When I teach children I learn so much from them. I personally believe that you must stretch your comfort zone. I love the quote :)
    Best wishes for the blog marathon.
    Love and hugs,

  3. Astonishingly great post !

  4. That's something worth thinking...

  5. True!Associating and competing with people above our level is the only way we can improve ourselves.

  6. Its indeed a lifelong process.Those who believe in it, knows the importance of learning :)

  7. @ Ruchi: True! :)

    @ Gayu: Yes, you're right! Thank you :)

    @ mpjethwa: That's so kind of you to say that. Thank you very much! :)

  8. @ Sunaina: Hmm...:)

    @ Subha: You're right!

    @ Sammy: Well said!

  9. You are absolutely right."Every person you meet can teach you something" .I truly believe this.Until we challenge ourselves we will never know what we are capable of.

  10. I think we only grow only when we stop learning.The only way to exercise our brain is to learn.I absolutely live learning new skills.That's why blogging is such a fun challenge. Loved the post

  11. should be there be a proscribed way or rule to be in love? m not sure...

  12. @ Amrita: Learning is beautiful! Glad you liked the post. Thank you!

    @ deeps: Even I'm not sure. Umm...I don't think so :)