Monday, August 13, 2018

Book Review: The Globetrotters by Arefa Tehsin

Name Of the Book
The Globetrotters
Name Of the Author
Name Of the Illustrator
Nafisa Nandini Crishna
Children’s Book
Age Group
8-13 Years
Puffin Books {Penguin}
Number Of Pages

'It's better to lose with honour than win by cheating.'

Thoughtful, isn't it?

The Globetrotters by Arefa Tehsin is a children's book, obviously. It's about Hudhud, a seventh grader, careless rather insensitive school boy, and his friend, Kilkila {a little less insensitive}. They both leave not a single chance to play wicked tricks on children, even teachers.

One day, Hudhud teases a younger boy about his dead grandmother so insensitively that his old history teacher decides to teach him a lesson. She appears, mysteriously, when he is alone at his home and curses him --- to travel the every part of the earth in different forms of living creatures. And to learn the lessons and find the answers, eventually. His friend Kilkila can join him in this journey but Kilkila won't remember anything when they come back in human form. It's Hudhud's journey.

So, what kind of journey it's going to be? Would Hudhud be able to find the answers? What would be those answers? Would he be able to learn the lesson?

'Answer...' he muttered suddenly. 'Someone told me to look for an answer. Is the answer girl power?'

This book vividly captures the animal world. 
The story carries several lessons; it's educative but not preachy. The knowledge {Mostly features of different kinds of animals} and lessons have been conveyed, in a playful manner, through entertaining stories. And the incidents that author has created are entertaining and very imaginative. Okay honestly, it might seem childish to adults but it can be exciting for kids. And, it's a children's book, right?

The book has black & white, rather rough illustrations that, frankly, I didn't like. I believe illustrations should be colourful. That can captivate children more easily, of course.

So, the Globetrotters is an exciting and kind of bizarre journey that would take you to different worlds. Overall, for me, it was a nice read. For children, it can be a thrilling, funny, educative and interesting read! 

I received this book from the publisher for an unbiased review.

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