Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Solitude is a Friend

Image: Toni Reed, Unsplash

Someone, a popular handle in fact, posted a tweet.

'Moms are superheroes.'

Now, these terms: superheroes, supermoms, superwoman annoy me, really. I think it's a fancy way to tell moms/women to do everything (and they won't help) because, well, moms/women can do everything. 

Although I avoid replying on social media if I disagree, I couldn't stop myself from replying. I just said, 'Moms are human beings. We need to understand that.'

The person found my reply 'weird' and someone replied to my reply: 'No, we take our moms for granted. She works 24×7, without any rest and holiday.'

I was surprised and amused at the same time. The terms 'works 24×7, & 'without rest' are so problematic, no? Nothing to feel proud of. And the person didn't realize that.

Why should moms or anyone work 24×7 or why should anyone work without rest?

I am very happy just to be a simple human being, a woman, a mother who needs rest, who doesn't want to work 24×7. I don't want to be a superhero, thank you very much!

Everybody needs and deserves some time to rest and relax, including moms. We all have our own ways to rest and relax. For me, it's silence and solitude. Noise drives me crazy.

Reminds me of a poem I wrote: Solitude is a Friend. I don't remember if I realized my love for my solitude back then but if I wrote that poem, it means it was important and dear to me. Maybe not essential. It is now. Essential. I get cranky otherwise.

No matter how sad, frustrated, angry, tired I am, leave me alone for some time, I'll be OK.

So solitude is kind of an elixir of my mental health. A way to rest and relax. Some peaceful time when nobody calls me or interrupts me and I do my own thing. 

Sudesna Ghosh, who is an author and mental health advocate shares my views. She says, 'There’s a difference between loneliness and being alone. As someone who is an introvert and has suffered from chronic anxiety and depression, I know how precious solitude is. Everyone needs a different degree of solitude and for me I require a lot of it. It gives me time to rest, to read, to cuddle my cats, to give myself a facial, or to just close my eyes and focus on my breath.'

Health is happiness. Not just our physical health, but also our mental wellness. Nothing feels good if you are not feeling good.

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  1. Labelling a person can affect them negatively too. :)
    Interesting read. Enjoyed it!

  2. Yes, everyone must have some time for their own, even if they like to work tirelessly. Everyone is a human being, and no one is God.

  3. Brilliant post. We do tend to label roles based on gender and so much more. It's horrifying.

  4. I love solitude because there I have the best company, company of my conscious, my thoughts and me myself!
    As for labelling the people, I wonder if we are things to be sold, arranged on the shelf of life? Why and how someone got the authority to print them and fix them on people?

    1. Thank you, Anagha, for reading and for this insightful comment.

  5. I know you love solitude, can tell that from the way you pointed it out on one of my Instagram posts. Don't know if you remember?
    And yes why not accept our mums as humans and leave those superhero labels aside.

    1. Really? I don't remember, but I'd like to read what I said. :)

      Thank you for reading and leaving a nice comment. :)