Friday, September 17, 2021

Book Review: Eye On You by Kanchana Banerjee


Book: Eye On You
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: Crime Fiction
Pages: 188


You’re seen, tracked, and followed everywhere you go. Every line & picture you post; someone is watching. All that information in the wrong hands is a recipe for disaster.

You have a smart door, a CCTV; everything is controlled via an app on your mobile phone. All they need to do is to hack into your phone. Anyone can get in, anyone can see you inside your home.

How safe are you inside your home?

Myra is a young, independent, single working woman living in Gurgaon. After a party in her home, she wakes up the following morning and discovers that she has been raped. But she was at home, surrounded by her friends.

Who could have done this to her? Was it one of her friends or a stranger?

About the Author

Kanchana started her writing career with The Statesman, Kolkata in 1993, after her graduation. She has a Master’s degree in English literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata. She went on to work for The Times of India, Hyderabad. Her articles have been published in almost all reputed publications in the country. She published her debut novel, A Forgotten Affair, in 2016 with Harper Collins. Eye On You is Kanchana's third book. And I have read them all.


'Privacy is power. People can't ruin what they don't know.'


This book kept reminding me of this quote. 

The beginning, the prologue, of the story is intriguing that builds your curiosity. Two innocent kids request a woman to lend her mobile so that they could call their parents. And then it goes like, "He got the number. He has her."

The plot is interesting and the subject of this story is thought provoking and kind of creepy. 

This is my third book by the author and I really like her writing style. Her writing style is light and engaging that makes the reading experience smooth.

The descriptions of setting and the characters seem well researched. The situations are understandable. 

The characters are modern and independent and they have been sketched without being judgemental, at the same time, the author doesn't try to justify anything. The writing represents the society and the system in a very honest and straightforward manner.

Every character carries their burden and no one is a goody two shoes; they are not really likeable but they are realistic. 

I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to the hacking/software/virus fuctioning thing that kind of hacks your entire life, so I can't say much, however I found certain things a bit unconvincing. 

The only thing that bothered me was too much telling, especially during the investigation/interrogation. I wanted the cops finding things out, but at times, the author 'tells' what they found out.

The ending is satisfying, it made me a bit sad for some reason. The book cover is very striking.

Overall, it was an interesting and different read. Pick this book you enjoy reading crime fiction, especially cyber crime fiction.

You can buy the book HERE.

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  1. I read and enjoyed this one too. Nicely reviewed

  2. Tarang, I completely agree with all your observations except the research part because Police Commissionerate System doesn’t have SP & DIG. What stands out for me is the handling of rape without any bias & prejudice. I also shared my views on the book in detail on my blog.

    1. Hmm...OK.
      Yes, the author has handled it well. Thank you for visiting.