Friday, September 24, 2021

Art Therapy

Written for Blogchatter's Cause a Chatter initiative.

Mental/emotional stress is more exhausting than physical tiredness.

Thankfully, there are certain things that help you relieve your mental stress. Everyone has a different way to deal with it (if you think nothing relieves your stress, you seriously need to rethink). 

In my previous Cause a Chatter post, I had talked about solitude. It works wonders for me. Another thing that distracts my mind is art. I am a self taught artist and I have started conducting painting workshops. For me, art has become like reading an engrossing book. When I'm reading an engrossing book, nothing distracts me. Similarly, when I am painting, I don't think about anything. Not even social media. Even when I am conducting my painting workshop, I'm so engrossed that I don't think about anything except the process and if the students are following the steps. The workshop continues for more than two hours (where I paint live, step-by-step), and even though I am not very talkative, I enjoy instructing the steps and answering questions.

Because Art is therapeutic. It teaches you to be calm and patient. Even therapists use this medium to interact with people who face anxiety and some mental/behavioural  disorders.

Art Therapy:  I came across this term a few days ago and found it intriguing. 

According to the American Art Therapy Association, art therapy is a kind of therapy that integrates mental health and human services by using “active art-making, creative process, applied psychological theory, and human experience.”

It's very important to understand that only Licensed professionals who are trained in both therapy can conduct these sessions.

According to Wikipedia, Art therapy can be used to help people improve cognitive and sensory motor function, self-esteem, self awareness, emotional resilience. It may also aid in resolving conflicts and reduce distress.

No wonder it works. Studies show that during the lockdown period, many people picked their paint brushes to deal with their anxiety and found solace in art. It's the best way to engage kids as well. Drawing or painting can calm the kids and make them sit still. Don't you think so?

Last week, I conducted an online painting workshop, the theme was waterfall. It's so satisfying to see them paint so beautifully. Sharing some lovely shots from my workshop. 





Shayonee (it's her first acrylic painting)

Also, it's fun to experiment with colour mixing. Shared two ways to mix teal colour in this video. You can watch when you have time.

Acrylic Colours: Two Ways to Mix Teal

Sharing with Paint Party Friday

Stay well, stay calm.


  1. Beautiful art! I spent 4 months in a rehab clinic from December to March and we had art therapy 3 times a week, and I enjoyed it very much. I can always lose myself in art. Happy PPF, Valerie

    1. I'm so glad you found solace in art. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Stay well and take care.

  2. I am exhausted... in the US surrounded by people who deny covid and climate change, in the extended extreme heat of summer into October here in Colorado. I am so tired, yet sleep is fitful. Worry is a companion. I seek peace, meditate, make art but always while worry clings to me
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Beautiful art! Good for you doing your own workshop too.

  4. Simply gorgeous art! Love all of the waterfalls. Happy PPF!

  5. There is so much to be stressed about in my life right now. Art is one of my ways through it. Your art is gorgeous.

  6. love your own art. Especially the wave.
    Waterfall is quite fun to paint :)

  7. These are some beautiful shots.
    I don't know much about art therapy but I feel creating art always feels like therapy to me :)