Sunday, October 23, 2016

Book Review: A Forgotten Affair by Kanchana Banerjee

Finished reading 'A Forgotten Affair' by Kanchana Banerjee (Harper Collins India). I received this lovely book from Writer's Melon for an honest review.

A Forgotten Affair is an intriguing story of Sagarika who met a terrible accident, and wakes up after prolonged coma only to realize that her mind is blank with no memory of her past. Now her life depends on Rishab, a wealthy man, who claims to be her husband.

It seems that Rishab is trying to hide something as he clearly avoids discussing Sagarika's past as if he doesn't want her to regain her memory and past. Why?

A new city, new house, new phone, a stranger as her husband; Sagarika's life is like a slate that has been wiped off. What remains with her are some flashes, an unknown yet familiar face of a man, a whiff of male perfume that drive her crazy. As she struggles to find her real identity, life unveils some shocking realities.

Seems intriguing? Yes, it is! Go, read the book to know more. You won't be disappointed.

Ms. Kanchana is an experienced writer, and it reflects in her writing even though it's her first book. Writing is neat. Narration is crisp.

The book has been told in third person omniscient (Not multiple) point of view - something I don't enjoy much as it affects the unpredictability of the story. The book has an intriguing start but after some time everything becomes so easy while it was supposed to be complex. However, it doesn't affect your reading experience; it still remains engaging.

The author has sketched the character skillfully especially Rishab.

Rishab never screamed. He could spew venom in a cold, firm and barely audible voice.

But, sometimes, I felt that characters, except Rishab, accept unfairness very easily. They don't try enough. The characters, including Sagarika, don't fight. However, I loved the way Sagarika's character transforms eventually.

I liked the end - very satisfying. And, for a change, epilogue in this book is significant. But, I missed an important element here - a gap that remains unanswered.

Overall, for me it was an interesting and engrossing read. If you like reading modern romance (this book is not that typical girl meets boy romance) and women fiction, you will like this book for sure. Go for it!


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