Thursday, August 30, 2012

Home (Short Story): Part One

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Geeta’s frown deepened to see Shankar playing in the river near her house, bare from the waist up. She called him and Shankar ran immediately.

“How many times I’ve told you not to go there?”

Shanku advanced towards home without answering. As they reached a mud house, their home, open door enraged Geeta.

 “Can’t you shut the door, if you go out?” Geeta asked.

“I did that.”

“Then who opened the door?”

“I don’t know.”

“Where is Kajri?”

“I don’t know.”

“What do you know then?”

Shankar ran outside in search of Kajri. Sometimes Geeta feels insecure as some of her male neighbors come to her place every now and then, making frivolous excuses.  Sometimes, the saying that “it is difficult for a woman, to live without any support” seems factual to her.

After a while, Shankar returned with his goat, Kajri, in his lap. “You know Gopi and his friends were teasing her.” Shankar said stroking Kajri affectionately.

“You are getting very naughty these days Shanku. You should take care of home and Kajri when I am not home. You are not a kid now.” Geeta said and busied herself in the kitchen, a corner of the house.

Fulfilling daily needs was a challenge for Geeta and her son’s upbringing her main priority. Nine years old, Shankar was unfortunate, as he had not seen his father. His father, Bhola died one month before Shankar was born. It is quite easy to understand, how difficult it would have been to endure such dreadful situation, for a woman, in that condition. But Geeta endured, she had to, for her coming baby. Since then Geeta was struggling alone.

Summer was at its peak. Sun shone violently making days exhausting. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the arrival of downpour.

One fine day, some pieces of cloud were found scattered in the sky and thus smile scattered on the faces. Clouds grew darker. Wind blown pleasantly and thirst of parched earth quenched finally.
Smiles broadened.  Drops of rain gave freshness and relief from the torture of the aggressive sun. Children were taking shower in rain. They splashed rainwater, chuckled, and floated paper boats.

It is said that excess of anything is bad. 4-5 days elapsed and it rained steadily. Now it started to trouble everyone. However, Geeta had to set off for her work everyday. Her mud house has become a complete mess. Tiled roof of her home started to leak from many portions. She put utensils and buckets to catch the drops. They used to sit at a corner of their house all day and night.

That night looked much darker. Violent raindrops were sputtering on the roof. It was squalling outside. Shankar slept quietly but Geeta could not. Her heart was throbbing with unknown fear. Was it a prelude to a disaster?

To be continued...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Try may succeed

I clicked this picture two days back and as I looked at this picture, I thought..."What does this picture reflect?"  'Confidence and Poise' came to my mind. No matter that  it's alone, in a limited space.

People around you, showing their support, make you feel good but it’s not that you can’t do anything alone. It's 'YOU', you can rely upon. 

One of my dear friends is planning to do something of her own but she is afraid and confused. 

“I don’t know if I would be able to do it alone.” She says.

“How would you know if you don’t try? At least once.” I asked.

People keep thinking about support and resources. But you might have seen many self-made people who have succeeded without much support and with very limited resources.

I think if you have confidence, dedication and ability to handle things appropriately you can do many things alone even if with limited resources. I believe that we should at least try. Because when we try, there are two possibilities: Success or Failure. Moreover you gain experience.
But if you don’t even try, there is only one possibility: Failure

I think if you want to do something (something that is creative and rewarding and of course, morally correct) in life, you must try it. Otherwise you will keep thinking in future “Had I tried it once, I might have succeeded”.  So don't be afraid of failure as failure has a tendency to frighten. Fight it. 

Be confident. Be determined. Be honest to your work. Be hopeful. And go ahead!
You know ‘fear of failure’ keeps us away from the ‘bliss of success’ :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Promise of a beautiful tomorrow

(I clicked this picture last night)

Bright and calm moon
And myriads of stars
Promised me a beautiful tomorrow
So what this day was dull and depressing
A beautiful new day is waiting for me
To learn new things
To make new plans
To start afresh….

If something went wrong today, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow can’t be a beautiful one. You just have to promise yourself that you’ll take a fresh start tomorrow, forgetting the woes of today. There’s always a hope of refinement, good performance, success and happiness…

My entry for: Theme Thursday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vibrant greenery

Vibrant greenery
Decorated with exotic colours
Soul of the earth’s charismatic panorama…

Nature is the best blessing we have and it’s good to have lush greenery around. And rain creates a wonderful aura by adding brightness and freshness in nature. Soothing breeze. Clean dancing water drops on the soft green leaves. Vibrating supple delicate flowers… Actually, these days I am being very lazy and couldn’t write (or even read much!!!) so I’m trying to capture some beautiful and interesting glimpse of nature……I clicked these pictures yesterday. It’s nice…isn’t it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Charming view

View from my balcony…. I clicked it two days back! 

This view evokes a feeling of freedom...Happy Independence Day!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bumm Bumm Bole: A movie

Recently I watched a film that I never wanted to but this movie Bumm Bumm Bole came as a very pleasant surprise. Few minutes of this film compelled me to stick to the channel.

This film, directed by Priyadarshan, beautifully portrays the innocent bond of a brother and sister, even in the extreme hardship.

Khogiram played by Atul Kulkarni and his wife (Rituparna Sengupta) along with their children Pinu (Played by Darsheel Safary) and Rimzim (Ziyah Vastani) live in a terrorist dominated area. They are very poor. Both Pinu and Rimzim go to their respectable schools but are unable to manage its standard. They are bright students but they don’t have enough money to buy new uniforms and shoes.

One day Pinu misplaces Rimzim’s only pair of sandals in the market. Pinu requests his sister not to tell their mother and rimzim agrees. But Rimzim cannot go to her school without her sandals. Then Pinu plans something. They decide to share same shoes (Pinu’s really old one).  Rimzim attends morning class and comes back hastily to hand over the shoes to her brother so that he can attend his afternoon classes.

After some difficult days, Pinu participates in inter school marathon to win the third prize as it offers a nice pair of shoes. He thinks to exchange them with girl’s shoes and give them to her sister. But he stands first and gets scholarship till his high school education. Meanwhile their father gets a nice job.

The film ends showing that Pinu returns home disappointed (After losing the third prize)and on the other side his father buys nice shoes for Pinu and Rimzim (As he gets some advance money).

The film is embellished with many beautiful, sweet and emotional incidents. The children have portrayed their characters very sweetly and skillfully. I really…really liked this movie and can watch it one more time.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Twinkling stars erase
The loneliness of heart, seem
Like eternal friends

They wink, tell stories
Try to brighten the darkness
Of sad gloomy night

Written for Haiku Heights