Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Product Review: Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo & conditioner!

As a child, I knew only one shampoo and that was Sunsilk. Times have changed. Many different products have arrived and I tried them. It had been long since I used Sunsilk. When I got a chance to review this new product by Sunsilk, I said an instant Yes!

Indiblogger and Sunsilk sent me the product in such a beautiful packet that I didn't want to open it. But that meant buying it for review (As I didn't want to write a fake review without using it, of course) so, err, I decided to open it. :)

About the product:

The Sunsilk Natural Recharge is co-created by Jamal Hammadi and contains (As it claims) Ginseng root and oil (And also sunflower seed oil as I noticed in the ingredients). Ginseng, a very well known herb, has many health benefits. It is said to be good for hair growth also. The product says: "It nourishes hair from roots to tips for hair thicker, fuller and 5x stronger."

Also, it says that it's free from Parabens. Read this article to know what Parabens are and why should we avoid it.

Ingredients, attributes and usage directions are mentioned in the back side of the product. It says: "The shampoo works in two ways. It nourishes and revitalizes."

What I felt: 

I think it's a nice sweet smelling product. What I liked about the smell is that it's not very harsh and it does give the feeling of natural extracts.

A moderate amount of shampoo lathers well, giving a smooth feeling. It surely makes your hair bouncy after drying but it disappointed me a little in softness department. It makes your hair soft but loses the effect in three-four hours. The effect may vary with the type of hair I guess. Conditioner helps the knots to ease off as you comb your semi dry hair but it takes a generous amount for better application. 


I think it's reasonable. You'll have to pay Rs 132/ for 180 ml of shampoo and Rs 64/ for 80 ml of conditioner. 

You can use it till 36 months from packaging. 

Overall, I liked the product and it's after effect. 

Recently, my little friend (12 years old) visited me. I offered her to use this product. When I asked her "How was it?"

She said: "Achchha tha. Mast!" 

Need I say more? :)

This review is a part of Indiblogger Product Review Programme in association with Sunsilk.


  1. My sister-in-law is hooked to it. Quite an honest review, Tarang.

  2. As You I also used since my childhood, but now I am using dove, no doubt sunsilk is better but dove also you should try.. thanks
    healthy LifeStyle