Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Teacher

Who is a teacher?

A teacher is a respectable person who, apart from instilling good values, teaches to learn and write. A teacher is supposed to check the behaviour and mistakes of a student.

Today I was casually looking at the English notebook of a girl. The notebook was thoroughly checked with the signature of the teacher in red ink.

What does a checked notebook means?

It definitely means that the teacher has checked all the mistakes. A teacher’s signature says that all the contents are correct and now the student is likely to learn the correct answers.  As the TEACHER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

But to my great surprise and disappointment, there were too many spelling mistakes in the copy. Some misspelled words denoted meaningless word and the girl was learning wrong things. I wondered what a teacher is for. I’m afraid; such teachers might be playing with the future of many students while correcting the answer sheets in exams.

Being a teacher is not just a duty but a very important responsibility. A very responsible job. I think a teacher should be very careful and should (despite large number of students in schools especially) check the notebooks very carefully as this is related to the future of children and for this exactly, a large number of teachers are being paid.

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  1. a nice writeup on tecahers, learned alot from my teachers