Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The rickshaw puller

“God! It seems that entire town has arrived for shopping.” Vidya gasped and finally came out from the crowd of the hectic market. She was walking hastily encumbered with some packets.

“You took almost four hours to buy few things.” Saurav said in fake irritating tone.

It takes time when you’re shopping for clothes.” She said nonchalantly. Saurav smiled.

They asked for many pulling rickshaw but no one was empty or ready to go to their destination. Finally they got some empty rickshaw and Saurabh approached a rickshawala who was very old. He immediately agreed to go.

“Would you able to tow us?” Vidya asked seeing at his age and health.

“Yes, yes.” He put in hurriedly. They got up on the rickshaw and it proceeded in their destination. On the way they spotted an ice cream parlour and in that hot weather Vidya immensely wanted to have that. She requested the rickshaw puller to stop aside for few minutes. He mutely stopped the rickshaw at the roadside. They went to the parlour to take ice cream and came to know that it a restaurant also. Vidya asked Saurav to get something packed for the dinner as after this hectic marketing she was in no mood to cook. They ordered paneer dosa. It took some time and Vidya was feeling guilty as outside rickshaw puller was waiting.

“Saurav, give him some money and tell him that it will take time and he can leave.” Vidya licked the melting ice cream. “He is so old. I’m feeling guilty that he is pulling such weight.”

Saurav went outside and returned after few minutes. “He says, he can wait.”

After some more minutes they came out and the rickshaw puller was waiting patiently. They continued their journey. After reaching home Saurav paid him his wage and after a quick thought he gave him some more money for making him wait.

A smile flashed on his face. “You know this is my first wage today. People often think to see my age that I am not viable to pull weight and refuse to take my rickshaw. But you know there is no one to take care of me and my wife so I have to work. If everyone would think like that, how will I manage to earn money?” Rickshaw puller said and departed from there in search of some more passengers, leaving them emotionally perplexed.

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  1. Very nice story with a message. As I grow older I become more aware that employers much prefer to hire younger people. Sad, but true.

  2. Perhaps true but really sad. Thanks!

  3. You wove that message beautiflly into this story, it was real plaesure to read.

  4. Nice story and I appreciate the hidden message between those lines :)

  5. Yes, a tender message and a view of a different world..Jae

  6. a great commentary on how people dismiss the elderly. Wonderful story.

  7. @Deborah: I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!:)

    @Jyoti: Thanks for the words of appreciation!:)

  8. @Jaerose: Thanks!:)

    @Sheilagh: Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it:)

  9. The sadness here is that I can imagine that one day he will not be able to work or worse still collapse on a job. Leaving him and his with destitute. A thought provoking piece, well done.

  10. Ahh!such a nice story...
    Poor old couple,he has to work at such a age...

    You have a very nice blog here :)

  11. @Oldegg: If that happens, it will be really sad. Thanks.

    @Erratic Thoughts: Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked the story and my blog as well.

  12. Very thought provoking tale - I will remember and learn from it.

    Anna :o]

  13. Interesting topic that reminds me of an old, '80's James Calvell novel, Tai Pan. He describes the rickshaw trade in Hong Kong very well; the details are too graphic to post. Nice, well written piece. Thanks...

  14. Very touching..Tarang.. an old post fitting so well..good that I got a chance to read..and yes, I have seen myself reluctant to hire such rickshaws whenever I visited my native in I go beyond fifty..I find similar attitude from have made me realise..a truth..

  15. @ Anna: Thank you!:)

    @ Jackie: Thank you very much!:)

    @ Rameshji: :) Glad you liked it. Thanks!:)

  16. Life is like that!

    Touching piece.

  17. Really nice message...too deep...loved it :-)