Sunday, September 18, 2011


Or special ability
Strong will power makes it.

They must get a chance
To polish their different skills
Help them, support them.

They need love and care
Not pity and ignorance
Make them feel special.

A cart-puller hurried with his cart towards a furniture shop. He was attacked by polio, and his legs were defected. “Would you able to pull the cart laden with this furniture?” A man asked who had bought some furniture from the shop and wanted a cart to carry them to his home.

“Yes sir. Give me your address” The cart puller said and put the furniture to his cart one by one.

There are so many people in our society deprived of physical or mental fitness. But their dreams, zest and will power is absolutely fit.

Sometimes they have some special skills in them, which need to be polished. But unfortunately, they have to struggle a lot to adjust in the mainstream. People do not concede them easily.

Many children born mentally or physically retarded or “abnormal” (As they say) face ignorance and frustration. At some point even their parents gets frustrated and finally console themselves that their abnormal child is just like this and nothing much can be done. It’s better to concentrate on other ‘Normal’ children. They think.

Never think like this. After all, those abnormal children are not guilty. It’s some medical abnormalities or sometimes their cruel fate. They need love, care, support and acceptance. Some of them possess different special skills. I’ve seen so many “Differently-Abled” people, doing great jobs in various fields. They are always full of enthusiasm (Of course pain resides in their heart), never ready to give up easily and want to achieve something in life. There are so many organizations, working for the welfare of such people. They teach them to make their life easier and help them to be a part of mainstream society.

        Sunday Scribblings


  1. You are absolutely right! Wish everyone felt this way.

  2. I like the sentiment in this haiku chain.

  3. Yes, I prefer to call them "Differently Abled". I have seen a few who are just brilliant in Painting, Embroidery etc that they challenge the best in their field.

  4. I think few of us are educated to respond to those with disabilities in the proper, most sensitive way. I don't think it comes naturally, as most of us remember grade school days when a large majority of the day seemed to be taken up by being made fun of or making fun of someone who was different for whatever reason.

  5. i like this - reminded me when i was in sydney - there was a poster in the busses with a man in a wheelchair and the slogan was "don't dis my ability" i thought that's really cool - as your haiku were

  6. creative sets - with excellent messages. Thank you for linking - these again, in the short form, but so current in subject matter would be considered almost "free" or senryu. Well done.

  7. Differently able...they have strong will power.Beautiful.

  8. this is lovely and a spot on msg as well...have worked with those that are labeled disabled...they are beautiful people...