Friday, March 9, 2012

Lyrics of destiny

Joyous Lyrics of destiny…

Rhythm of bliss seems like
Dancing flowers & butterflies
Happiness showers in
Vivid colours of spectrum
Laughter resembles the
Jingle of wind chimes
Gleam in eyes reminds of
Glistening stars at night


Destiny scribbles
Some sad lyrics
Tune sounds gloomy
Joy withers in the
Heat of despair
Smile seems a lost friend
Zest bursts like bubble


This is life…
Like a poignant poetry
Embroidered with many emotions
Laced with contrast situations

Happiness and sorrow flow
Like parallel periphery of stream

Learn to cope
Never leave the hands of hope
Poetic ways of life shall
Bring back the joyous lyrics of destiny.

Written for:  Carry On Tuesday
                       Theme Thursday 
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  1. "Sometimes…
    Destiny scribbles
    Some sad lyrics"


    The post is too good. I'd be sharing it on facebook. The link, I mean.


  2. So much gap between two lines, has it been left that way on purpose?

  3. Hello,

    Your prompt "confirmation" comes up at OSI this Sunday. Will you send me a poem by tomorrow?

  4. the concluding verse was so full of hope :)
    really loved it.

    PS: just wanted to say that u r doing a great job.. !!

  5. This poetry goes from one end of the spectrum of feelings, then clear to the other end. Joy, life, happiness, sadness, despair, and loss. And it did it so well, it was fantastic.

    Thanks ever so much for sharing this for this weeks Theme Thursday and I am looking forward to what you do next week.

    God bless.

  6. @ Arti: Thank you so much Arti! I'm glad you liked it:)

    I’ve left some occasional gaps on purpose:)

    @ SandyCarlson: Hi! I'll try to but if I couldn't then I'll submit my post link as soon as possible. Thank you so much for considering my suggestion:)

    @ Jyoti: Thank you so much! I'm happy that you liked it:)And Thanks again for the PS!:)

    @ Mrsupole: Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it:)

  7. Wow...I liked the transition you showed from happy to sad so naturally....Beautiful :)

  8. @ Valli: Thank you!:)

    @ Whitesnake: :) Thanks! I'm glad you felt so:)

    @ Kris: Thank you:)

  9. but poems aren't only about joy, and then again, neither is life, so there's a circular argument

    gainfully employed

  10. Oh, this is beautifully embroidered!

  11. Clever to mix the three prompts. I came for "embroidery" and found it beautiful.