Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blessing in disguise

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Sometimes we falter on the winding path of life. We generally get frustrated when something negative happens in our lives and our heart screams ‘why me?’  Not all but certain negativity compels us to walk on a blissful and peaceful path as life extracts positivity from the negatives. You can say it ‘blessings in disguise’

A careless, sometimes rude and somewhat indiscipline school boy, ‘A’ was utterly frustrated as his father used to scold him or ask him to organize his life/studies. It of course was for the betterment of the boy but he thought his father was his biggest enemy and did not want him to enjoy his life.

One day, after a furious argument, the boy decided to leave the house and thought to make his own life. Next day, early morning, without telling anyone he left the house. He caught a train, without thinking of any destination. There he found two boys and they became friends. After landing in Mumbai, along with two boys, a horrible truth dawned at ‘A’. He had been kidnapped so easily by those two boys. Those boys were not professional criminals but they wanted to take advantage of A’s innocence.

Later, after the help of police, his father’s endeavour and by his own cleverness, the boy managed to reach his home safely. It was indeed a terrible incident of his life that no one would like to experience but after this incidence ‘A’ learned the gist of life. He realized that his father loved him dearly and whatever he said was for his betterment. He was now a decent and disciplined boy.

Similarly, when ‘S’ casually went to a health camp to have some regular tests, he was shocked to know that his sugar and cholesterol levels were pretty high. He had already gained a lot of weight lately as he never bothered to exercise and had a very irregular style of eating. He was a family man and after visiting to the doctor and getting some warnings, he instantly realized that his life is precious and he had to change his life style and eating habits in order to get the blessing of good health.

He ritually maintained a balanced life style and diet. Within two months, his reports were alright and even doctor was pleasantly surprised when she said ‘Well done! You have postponed your disease.’ Now he maintains restricted eating habits. He exercises religiously.

Initially ‘S’ and his family were of course shocked but that irregular report taught them a lesson of healthy lifestyle and now he is determined to continue this. After all health is happiness.

In order to gain momentary delights people sometimes make wrong choices, forgetting the consequences. Keeping conscience awake is a wise option. Mind it; we won’t get disguised blessings always because we don’t get many chances in life. So, learn to walk smartly and properly on the long and winding road of life.


  1. True. These two examples would definitely teach a lot to readers. Thanks for this.

  2. Wonderful lessons nicely woven in the story. Loved it!

  3. Very beautiful examples....Yes, we need to experience bad in order to know what is good at times....Of course, Doing wrong thing knowing very well that it's wrong is foolishness...Beautiful article Tarang :)

  4. @ Me: Thank you! Glad you liked it:)

    @ Valli: Thank you so much!:)

  5. Beautiful Fantastic Write Up :)

  6. Thank you Creativity! Good to see you back!:)

  7. consequences for what you do? should be be...love your story

  8. Lovely post which teaches that the discipline in life can always yield positive results:)

  9. @ gsb: Thank you!:)

    @ Rahulji: Well said! Thanks:)

  10. Well, you've told us what to do, but how many of us will pay heed? :)

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