Saturday, June 2, 2012


How do you feel when you don’t have anything to do? I think bored. How would you feel if you have to depend on someone for your basic needs? Helpless I guess. How would you feel when you try but don’t get anything in life? Pathetic for sure.

Some people do try but fail. It evokes sympathy. Some people just want to do something in life but they don’t apply any effort. Instead they whine. It evokes irritation. And some people choose to be idle. They don’t want to do anything. Instead, they ask for. If they are crippled, then it’s okay but what if they are healthy and fit? It evokes anger. doing nothing is folly.

Today I saw a young healthy man on television whose family business was begging and of course they did not find any need of education. How begging can be a business? How anyone can lead his/her life with things provided by someone if he/she is perfectly capable to work? You can see many fit babas moving door to door asking for money.

You’ll be surprised to know that once I had met a highly educated, law graduate and married man who preferred not to do anything.  He was dependent on various people for everything. He left practicing law because he thought the society is filled with corruption.

‘Why don’t you use your skill and try to change the society? Why don’t you move a step ahead to spread loyalty and try to diminish corruption? After all you’re a lawyer.’ I thought. He cursed the system and society continuously. Moreover, he called himself ‘Social worker’. How can you lend a helping hand when your own hands need help? When you’re dependent.

I have seen many people who work despite their physical limitations emitting rays of inspiration. But I have seen some unfortunate people leading a dependent (Dependent for their basic needs) life due to their severe physical inabilities and helplessness. It is painful. But sometimes they are left with zero option.

You are privileged if you have abilities. Utilize your capability. We get only one life. You won’t get anything by just whimpering and cursing. People dream of achieving success. They work hard to achieve a substantial status in life. It’s a pleasure to achieve goals in life. Doing something substantial gives confidence. Doing your own work without depending on someone gives contentment. It reflects your strength, ability and independence. Independence is precious that offers happiness and fulfillment.


  1. Very true.....I love to be independent...But, sadly dependent person now...trying hard to be independent :)
    Thanks for the beautiful essay :)

  2. Emotional and thought provoking post.

  3. @ Valli: Glad you liked this. Keep trying. I hope you'll breathe a fresh air of independence very soon. Best wishes. Thanks!:)

    @ Creativity: Thanks!:)

    @ Janaki: Thank you!:)

  4. Dependence and Independence is something which is very much debatable. Osho had said that till the time one is alive no one is independent as we are dependent on air and water for our survival. But I simply loved your take on it!

  5. Well, this kind of dependence is inevitable. To get independence from it, we will have to die:) and here I'm talking about living independently. But glad you liked my take on it. Thanks Me!:)

  6. Being independent is what everyone should aspire for.Doing one's work without anyone's assistance does bring with it a rare sense of contentment and confidence which drives one to become more self dependent and in the long run builds a sense of self respect....
    Loved the post :)

  7. Very well said Rinku. Thank you!:)