Saturday, December 14, 2013


Whenever we talk about dreams, we tend to think about those dreams we see with our eyes open. Type dreams in the search section of my blog, you'll find so many posts! So, for a change, I thought to talk about the dreams that we see while sleeping.

There are so many dreams floating in my eyes, but I'm an absolute dreamer when I sleep. Let me sleep for 15 minutes and I'll tell you (Mostly) what I saw. I really enjoyed the interpretation of those dreams though I didn't believe in any of them. Also I sometimes see unknown but very clear faces in my dream and I wonder if these people really exist.

Many years back, a girl, whom I had known but I can not call her my friend, came to me and gave me two books (Wuthering Heights and Gunahon Kaa Devta (Very nice book) to read. I was pleasantly surprised and shocked at the same time.

Some days back, I saw a dream in which that particular girl  has given me 'two' books!! When I told about my dream to a friend she said "You and your dreams." She sighed.

I thought it could be about a discussion about book with that girl. But it was amazing when this dream came true!

It is said that morning dreams generally come true. I don't believe in this myth but one morning, when I was at my aunt's place, I saw a weird dream. I saw an old woman, who was a far relative (My father's aunt's (Very close to us and we used to live at the same place) aunt), was lying unconscious and a blood soaked bandage was wrapped around her head.

When I woke up, it felt strange as I never interacted with that woman. Just saw her once in a function, sitting quietly in a corner.

When I returned home after two days, I was chatting with my cousin aunt (My father's cousin sister) who was like a friend. Suddenly I noticed something. Her house (adjacent to ours) was unusually silent.

"Where is dadi ma? The house seems quiet." I asked.

"Oh, she has gone to her native place. Nani has died na," she replied.

"Which nani?" I was confused as her nani was already dead.

"Oh maa's aunt. Do you remember her. You might have seen her when you visited there for a function."

I was shocked. "How did she die?" I asked.

"She fell from the terrace." She said.

And I was speechless!!

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  1. Even I am speechless. Maybe you have a sort of sixth sense where are able to 'see' future.

    1. Maybe...sometimes, strange things happen:)

  2. You know this is very uncanny. And at times it happens to me too, but honestly I would say that you should tap it more. This sense of seeing dreams which perhaps can come true...


  3. Wow... that was some experience Tarang... and I agree with Richa you should try to use it more and maybe sharpen it too!

    1. It has never happened again. I wonder how can I use it? I think these things are beyond control...though I often try to analyse my dreams :)

  4. That is spooky, now if only one could get to dream about the exam questions before hand :P

  5. I know about it and there are signs that we cannot ignore. Months before Dad passed away, I was getting all kinda signs that I ignored and realized much later. Now, I am a believer in dream. But, many times I don't even remember what happened in my sleep.

    1. It happens..sometimes...although, I don't believe in these things seriously but I find it interesting...

  6. Some dreams are proactive and some dreams are post active and some go astray.Nicely written.