Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Review: Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat

When the author approached me for the review of Business Doctors, I was a little skeptical as it is not my genre, but I read some nice reviews and thought to explore a new genre.

Business Doctors is a crime based novel by Sameer Kamat (From his own publishing house Booksoarus). He is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball.

Stephen Woody runs his family business which includes porn, drugs, gambling etc. He hires a management consultant Michael Schneider for the revival or rather makeover of his faltering business. Michael takes up this job that somehow turns out to be the most challenging job ever! 

I really liked the book cover! It's very smart and apt. But I didn't like the layout of the book. Improper paragraph breaks make the reading tiring. The characterization is nice and well defined but too many characters and various names make the story a little jumbled. I liked the portion that involves Angie, Woody's seductive wife.

The book starts well and manages to grip the interest. The narration is fine and there are of course some engrossing points but otherwise the story runs plain. I think the execution of the story was a little dull for an action-crime-thriller. I felt that the blurb of the story (at the back cover of the book) could have been more interesting. It may fail to hold the would be reader's interest.

Overall, for me it was an average read (As I said, it's not my genre). But if you like crime thrillers, you can give it a shot. You may find it interesting with all those actions!

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