Monday, November 29, 2010

I too had a love story: by Ravinder Singh.

Read some good reviews of this book and felt like reading it, and yesterday finished it.  An emotional, cute, and beautiful tale of true love, and tyranny of the fate.

The protagonists fall in love without meeting each other. Honestly speaking, first few pages seemed monotonous to me, but after they met, it was engrossing enough to be read in just one go. I knew that it had a sad ending, but still the story was unpredictable. The author has written it in a nice and simple way.

Some incidents are quite identifiable. Some dialogues are very touching. And the most important thing about author's writing is that he has succeeded in evoking pain (as the story demanded at the end) which very few writers manages to do.

I liked some quotes in the novel like –
 “तेरे जाने  का  असर  कुछ  ऐसा  हुआ  मुझ  पर , तुझे  ढूंढते  ढूंढते , मैंने  खुद  को  पा  लिया …”

And “They say, don’t cry because it’s over but instead smile because it happened.”

This book is well worth reading.


  1. It seems interesting. Especially the line quoted in the end is too good. :)

  2. I did not like it at all..