Thursday, November 25, 2010

Love happens like that: by Ritwik Mallik

Recently, I bought a book called “Love happens like this" by Ritwik Mallik. This novel tells a teenage love story (The protagonists are just 14 – 15 year olds school going girl and boy).

In my opinion, this is an immature love story and so is the narration. It seems that the author is just describing some boring and dull incidents. In quite a lot places English translation of Hindi dialogues are very annoying.

Dialogues should play a great role in bringing fiction to life, but the author fails to do so. The novel is not absorbing at all and can be avoided.

Honestly speaking, this novel is still kept unread on my bookshelf. Although, I couldn't read it beyond 60-70 pages, I can say that this novel is very childish and the author should have taken some more time to write a novel.

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