Friday, November 26, 2010

Value of relationships

We meet different people. Listen different stories. Witness several incidents, and then get to know the value of relationships and how it has changed with changing time.

A woman was admitted in the hospital with some liver problem.  Her elder daughter-in-law, “S” was taking good care of her.  But staying at the hospital day and night made her very tired (One needs to take rest. Plus, she had her children at home to take care for).  

The younger daughter-in-law of that woman, “A” used to visit the ailing woman with long veil. When S asked A to stay in the hospital with her mother-in-law for some time so that she could go home and relax a bit, “A” bluntly refused. 

What was the purpose of that long veil when she was shirking her responsibility?

One evening a new patient arrived in the ward.  That was an old frail looking woman.  A teenager girl and an old man were with her. Many hours, and then two days passed but no one came to replace that girl.  

She looked tired (Obviously) and tried to rest by putting her head on the bed.  Meera, another attendant in the ward, thought that perhaps there was no one in her home who can stay in the hospital.  

But Meera was startled to see many women visiting the frail woman in the evening.  Next day, Finding the girl exhausted, Meera asked her that she should call anyone for few hours so that she could go home to get fresh and take some rest.

The girl smiled wanly. Then she told Meera that she had four sister-in-laws but no one is supportive.  Moreover, she had to skip her studies due to the illness of her mother as no one wanted to take responsibility of their sick mother-in-law.

I am astonished to see the changing values of relationships.  No one wants to bother and sacrifice a mite for anyone. 

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