Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Rainy season was approaching and Geeta was worried about her clay tiled roof. Last season, it was leaking from many sides. She anyhow managed many years but this time it has to be revived. In the market, laborers were charging too much that they could not afford. So, Dinoo, Geeta’s husband, decided to do it himself.

Dinoo brought some new tiles as some of them were broken. It was a bright sunny day. He climbed on the roof anyhow, handling his scrawny body with much difficulty. He was panting and few drops of sweat trickled down his temples. Geeta was watching shading her eyes with her hands. 

Dinoo started to disarray the old tiles and cleaned the thatches inserted within. Suddenly, his hand felt a moist surface. He yelped to see a filthy snake struggling to set out.

“What happened?” Geeta asked anxiously.

“S..s..snake!” Dinoo stammered.

The harmless snake slithered off and Dinoo fainted over there.

With the help of some villagers Dinoo was brought down. Alas! Geeta cried bitterly to find him dead. He died of heart attack perhaps.

(Unfortunately, many people die due to fear and shock of the snake, not the actual bite.)

Prompt@: 3WW (Harmless, moist, yelp)


  1. Hopefully it will generate awareness..

  2. oh dear indeed.People's fear does kill.Well written.

  3. Ug. Doesn't seem possible, but our fears can be deadly too. Or the fear could have caused him to fall off the house.