Sunday, January 23, 2011


Dear... (Oops! I forgot to ask your name)

In my life, now, I’m well and sure,
Not shirking my responsibilities like before.
The reason of this transformation is you,
When you bade me the final adieu.
I can’t forget the day I met you first,
My mood was at its worst.
Sick of restrictions implied by my parents.
Now I understand that those restrictions…

… Were their obligation.
My dad lost his job due to recession.
Got an ordinary one after…
…Flying off at the tangent.
My spree with friends conked out,
I had to lessen my hang outs.
I had no money to squander,
I thought my status is shattered.
That day I collided with you,
I was in mood to argue.
You groped for the stick…
… Which knocked around,
Then actually I realized that…
…you were blind.
“Why don’t you keep someone with you…
…to hold your hands?”
“I don’t like anyone’s pity and support…
…And I love my independence.”
Your eyes beamed with self confidence,
My heart filled with reverence.
Your beautiful eyes were…
… filled with dreams,.
How could such eyes lack vision?
That was a tyranny of fate I deemed.
I tagged along with you,
I liked you and I really do.
You told me that you taught music,
Your melodious voice…
…completely justified it.

I startled to see how easily…
… you tracked your path,
That seemed an incredible art.
Our small time togetherness…
… came to an end.
 You said you’re home and…
…I felt like losing a friend.
My heart skipped a beat…
…as I saw you enter an orphanage,
I felt so agonized and…
…My mind was in complete haze.
I felt ashamed of my demeanor,
As I found you a great fighter.
In spite of all your struggles,
You were independent and full of life
And I was aimlessly wasting my time.
Not understanding my duties…
…and indulged in the boisterous parties.
Suddenly, I felt rejuvenated,
You really inspired me and…
… made me grounded.
I never met you again,
But always remembered you…
…every now and then.
You came like an angel and…
…gone astray like dew,
But you are a paragon and…
…I really want to thank you.



  1. A chance meeting, at that precise moment in the whole sweep of eternity, wrought wonderful changes. Beautiful!

  2. Wow impressive. Life can bring many chance encounters that illicit change. Well done!

  3. Very Nice! Loved the line about seeing eternal dreams in their eyes. It's amazing what we see, when we really look at someone.

  4. Isn't it the way! In our lifetime we meet so many people that enthrall us with their lives yet we forget to ask their names. Years later we feel we need to make contact but are powerless to do so, and left with that numbing ache of regret. Great piece of writing.

  5. Ah, there are so many people that I will talk to, have a meaning conversation...and forget to ask their name.
    Thanks for your work!
    "On Paper Wings"

  6. Just what you needed to "open your eyes". What a great experience and how well you have written about it.

  7. I'm so glad you put a link to this lovely letter on Write A Letter Wednesday! It is so well written that it evokes the feeling you are trying to convey of how a chance encounter with a stranger (an angel?) changed your perspective on life. An awesome piece, I really liked it! I hope you'll join us again next week, and also on Memories on Monday. The links are in the sidebar on my blog.

  8. Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments. :)

  9. @ Lilibeth: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it but this is not my experience. It's just an imagination.

  10. How delightful. A chance meeting...