Monday, January 3, 2011

Rainbow in Dew Drops by Anshu Pathak

I am an avid reader and cannot resist browsing through any bookstore I come across. This book is the result of this habit. I anyhow completed those 247 pages in 15 days.

“Rainbow in dew drops” (Title seems interesting) is not engaging enough to turn pages. The narration is very weak and repetitive, (It seems that the author is telling a story randomly from any part of her life) and lacks rhythm and sync.

Plot of this novel is good, but it could have been written in an interesting way. The author has used nice words and vast lines but that does not make the narration beautiful. Dialogues and incidents are not at all interesting (Especially for a love story) and do not lead the story ahead.

All the incidents are being told by either the hero or heroine, mostly via emails (Telling not showing) that’s very irritating. Sometimes, improper use of quotation mark is confusing.

The author fails to evoke the Excitement of first meeting (As the novel says, for the hero it was a love at first sight), pain of separation, and thrill of meeting again after 10 years.

Over all, for me, the novel is boring and waste of time and money and better to be avoided.

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