Sunday, February 6, 2011


Initially, I thought to write a story, but then I thought what would be different for this prompt? We always write many stories according to our imaginations and prompt. But what is a story?

A story is a beautiful arrangement of words. A narrative flow of words. A smart description of real or fictitious events. An imagination or reality. It is like a stream which sluice our heart and mind with it.

An imagination, when it is fiction. It creates an aura where everything could be possible.  But when it is fact, it could be an experience, any incident, or veracity of life, bitter or sweet.

Like music, story is everywhere. Every life has a story. Every day is a story. Every set up, every eye or every image tells a story.

It could be a hobby. It could be a topic of any conversation.  It is a kind of nourishment for monotonous and dull heart & mind. It reduces loneliness and even a bond of friendship may burgeon while sharing it. Many a times, it can turn boredom to enjoyment.

It could be funny, thought provoking, heartrending, inspirational or romantic. It can make you burst into laughter. It can give you Goose bumps. It can excite your tear glands. It can fill your heart with love, sympathy or pity. Sometimes it can make your soul brimming with inspiration and confidence. Actually mood fluctuates with its flow.

A story, when not expressed in a beautiful way, can kill the interest and makes a good story boring. But if articulated in striking or poetic manner, it can make a dull story engrossing, interesting and attractive.

A story is like a magic, which leads to a world of fantasy and a story teller could be a magician. So, keep reading and flowing in the stream of stories and poems. Keep honing your magic, share with the world and spread diverse emotions.

Written for Sunday scribblings


  1. 'A beautiful arrangement of words' illustrated the point perfectly..Jae :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on what a story is. Stories are "magic". Great description.

  3. You say it is a kind of nourishment that reduces loneliness and that is so true both of the writer and the reader. (OK, so I paraphrased your words a little).

    But still I needed that story from you and now must wait until next time!

  4. Everyone has a story to tell, and you explored that concept wonderfully, Tarang! Indeed the success of the story is so largely in the hands of the one telling the tale!

  5. A good essay - or to put it briefly: Thereby hangs a tale.