Monday, April 4, 2011

Dream World

Darkness enveloped the day,
And an eerie silence stretched all over.
She went to her cozy bed,
Eyes grew heavy, giving slumber a way.

Some interesting visions tried to take shape,
She was flying in the waves of clouds
The rainbow was mesmerizing
Making a beautiful landscape

The place was fringed with lush greenery
Dancing with the lullaby of breeze
The gorgeous moon winked at her
Like a messenger of charm & beauty.

‘My bed is a boat’ she chuckled
It sails me to a new dream world
The vibes were exciting & thrilling,
By this amazing sight, her heart dazzled.

Written for: Monday's Child
                     Sunday Scribblings
Shared @ Poetry Picnic


  1. Love the idea of the moon being a "messenger of charm and and beauty"! A delightful poem!

  2. It sails me to a new dream world ... lovely :o)

  3. Thank you so much Greyscale Territory & Deborah! I'm glad you liked it:)

  4. Indeed, your bed can be like a boat..choppy at times..plain sailing at others..but always a pleasure to climb aboard and find out where it will take you..Jae

  5. I enjoyed reading about your dreamland. Nice post.


  6. I enjoyed your poem on the prompt. This is my first time here and I really like your blog theme, too. very cool and unique with the lined notebook pages :)

  7. I like how you weaved messenger into your poem. Lovely words. Nice write!

  8. Oh how I wish my dreams were this peaceful, serene and beautiful. Maybe if I keep this by my bed and read it at bedtime, it will help!

  9. beautiful combination.
    well done.

  10. a land of green lush and adventures...and off to a land of dreams to dazzle this young lady with so much excitment....blessings and thank you for sharing...bkm

  11. I Too Sailed While Reading Such Beautiful Mesmerizing Poem :) :)

    Fabulous Image :) :)Thanks A Lot For Sharing Dear :) :)

  12. Hi Sheila, welcome to my blog. I'm glad you liked it.

    I truly thank you all. Your encouraging & valuable comments are precious!:)

  13. yeah it's like a journey to a dreamland :)

  14. You made this into a lovely adventure!

  15. Thanks a lot Celestial Dreamz & Lyn. I'm glad you liked it.

  16. Like the bed is a boat idea. Very child like and endearing.

  17. Cute. Thats a nice dream boat to sail. well done!

  18. took me to beautiful dream worlds....

  19. Thank you Deep, Hema and Sreeja!:)

  20. My bed is a boat, brilliant, well done

  21. What you have written is so true, our beds are truly a boat in which we travel to so many places. Mine is a big cruise ship upon which I do have to wander the halls each night searching for that dreamland of which I would love to travel to. And it is funny how sometimes one has to fully wake up to leave that dreamland of which we have just come back into port and docked our boat.

    I really do like this to go with our beds theme for this weeks Theme Thursday. We all need some time to getaway and dream.

    God bless.

  22. @ Kodjo Deynoo: Thanks!:)

    @ Mrsupole: Very well said! Glad you liked it. Thank you very much!:)