Thursday, January 5, 2012

Amusing naughtiness

Aisha teaches the small kids of U.Kg. Handling such small kids is really difficult task. Making noise endlessly or frequently asking “May I go to the toilet?” “May I drink water?”  Or regular complaints like “He slapped me” “She snatched my designer pencil” are enough to harass a teacher.
One day during drawing period Aniket came to her with his drawing book. Aisha was drinking water from her bottle.
“Miss, you too bring water-bottle like us?” Suddenly Aniket asked innocently looking at her water-bottle.
Aisha smiled. “Yes, I too feel thirsty sometimes.” Aisha tenderly and playfully brushed the bottle over Aniket’s chubby cheek.
“Ahh, it’s still so cool.” Aniket was surprised and all the kids were looking at them curiously. She used to take an iced bottle of water with her in summer so that water could remain chilled till afternoon. Aniket presented his right cheek expecting her to repeat the act. Aisha didn’t disappoint the child. Aniket was at the zenith of thrill and delight.
Suddenly, entire class stood there in a queue. Everyone wanted to feel the touch of the chilled bottle. Everyone wanted to experience the fondness of their teacher. ‘How come just Aniket can act playfully with the teacher?” One by one they all presented their chubby, rosy cheeks and Aisha had to repeat the act again and again. The entire class filled with clamor and those excited chuckles were not irritating for Aisha.
Children are very social. They are great imitators. Actually they grow up imitating peculiar acts and learning from them (so beware of how you act in front of them). They are naughty. They know all the tactics to appeal the attention. But sometimes their naughtiness seems amusing.


  1. What an amazingly beautiful tale of devotion and learning on both sides. I was quite touched by it.

  2. What a delightful, tender story. also a good reminder of how we influence children.

  3. I liked the story..In fact Aisha is one of my fav names :)

    Blog template is also good :):)

  4. @ Mama Zen: Thanks!:)

    @ Oldegg: Thank you so much! Glad you liked it:)

    @ MaryA: Thank you:)

    @ Gauri: Thank you so much for liking my blog and story:)

  5. This is a delightful scene.

    Great use of three words. Please read my attempt.