Monday, May 28, 2012


Image prompt @ The Mag

Elegant attire
Ethnic jewelries
Golden footwear
Gorgeous accessories
Vibrant cosmetics

Palace like home
Lustrous life
Comfortable amenities

All these glamour
Appeals her strongly
But alas! She is just a housekeeper

 Her craving heart
Wants to have these for once
Just once
Her dreamy eyes
Want to decorate her withered life once
Just once
Her fluttering desire
Wants to fall in love with life for once
Just once

Her desires echo
Her dreams reflects
In the grand yet lonely house

Hope emerges
Maybe some day
A prince charming
Will hold her hands
And her life
May glitter
Just like Cinderella


This Image is a Prompt @ Saturday Centus
Wriiten for:  OSI
                             Poets United 

P.S: I truly thank Rahul Biswas from Crash and Burn for giving me 'The Versatile Blogger' Award.


  1. The longing comes across loud and clear in this one!

  2. You could have falsely thanked me as well.I wouldn't mind.;-) Btw,this poem reminds me too much of the KJo K3G types movies.Sprawling bungalows,spacious areas for fantasizing,daydreaming and what not..riches to drape oneself in,cash to burn,cinderella slippers to slip one's dainty feet into..and all that blah!!:-) What?You looking for a SRK kinda chappie to sweep you off your Cinderella slippers-clad feet???:-P

  3. @ Cathy: Thanks!:)

    @ Rahul: :) K3G (Or SRK) was nowhere in my mind while writing this. It came just as a response to some prompts (Images). Thanks:)

    @ Enigmatic Soul: Thank you!:)

  4. Lovely poem....I could actually visualize it word to word..!!

  5. Rich or poor--all women want a prince to sweep them off their feet. Lovely words,Tarang!!

  6. @ Me: Thank you!:)

    @ Judie: Thank you so much Judie!:)

  7. So sad! If only she realized housekeepers can be happy too without material wealth!

  8. Cinderella story... always my fav!!! Well done Tarang!

    Window to the other side

  9. So hopeful and full of magic. One can only hope for a fairy tale ending.

  10. Can't help hoping it happens for her!


  11. Deep desire of every woman or for that matter man, to live life fully. Well brought out here.

  12. @ Laura Maria: Yes it is sad but when people lack something, they yearn for that and sometimes fail to realize the gist of happiness. Thanks:)

    @ Pranita: Thank you!:)

    @ Write Girl: Thank you very much!:)

    @ Sue: :) Thanks!

    @ Bluegrassnotes: Thanks!:)

    @ Harshadji: Thank you!:)

  13. Nicely done. So sad when we crave those things we think will make us happy and don't realize that true happiness comes from within.

  14. @ Tess Kincaid: They can...maybe sometimes. Thanks!:)

    @ anitamombanita: Yes, you're right. Glad you liked it. Thank you!:)

  15. "It's not having what you's wanting what you've got!"

    That song just played in my head as I read this.

    What a wonderfully creative use of this difficult picture prompt.

    Impressive and powerful imagery here...loved it!

  16. Thank you so much Jenny! I'm so glad you liked it:)