Friday, December 28, 2012

Few Things to Learn

This is my response to the creative prompt "Wish List Wednesday"provided by Preeti Shenoy. Her fourth book "The Secret Wish List" has been released and getting really nice reviews.

Today's prompt is: The one thing that I wish everyone should learn is...

Few things I wish everyone should learn:

To lend people in need or trouble a helping hand. A tender touch of assurance and a warm smile relent the anxiety and spread positive vibes. These days, social life is shrinking and people tend to stay oblivious to other's problem. But helping others always gives happiness.

To raise their voice against depravity, corruption and injustice. People tend to think "How does it matter to me?" It's unfortunate.  Most importantly, people must learn to speak, at least, for themselves, against any hideous behaviour towards them, so that no one can take undue advantage.

To fulfill their promises. When someone makes any promise, it naturally generates hope and sometimes in difficult situation relief & courage. It's depressing when hope shatters. So, don't make any promises when you're not sure about it. And if you do, try your level best to keep your words. Remember, a pair of hopeful eyes are looking at you with expectation.

To say a polite or sometimes a firm "NO"! It's really...really difficult but it helps you to stay away from many complexities. People must understand their priorities in life.


  1. If everyone learnt to say a firm no, then no one will be taken advantage of.
    Which is a good thing.

    I agree with other points too.
    Thanks for taking part!


  2. A firm 'NO' helps and solves many problems.But in the case of Damini...?
    All the points are noce.

  3. Sorry it became nose instead of nice.So nice and again nice.

  4. @ Preeti Shenoy: You're right! Thank you so much for visiting and saying nice words!!!!:)

    @ Rudraprayaga: Damini....her case is painful, sinful and shameful....:(
    Thanks for liking!