Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Award means appreciation. Isn't it?

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Award means appreciation. I got Liebster award from PrayagaI got it for my writing and I'm really happy! Thank you so much Prayaga!:)

11 random facts about me!! Here it goes...I'm doing this for the first time on my blog...

I'm an introvert. It's difficult to say a 'NO'. I'm still learning.

Beauty of nature gives me solace.

I love books!! But there're many unfinished books on my bookshelf as they couldn't manage to grip my interest.

I haven't read the classics like Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice, and so on (Believe me I've tried!) I basically like contemporary women/romance fiction.

I believe that music can be a magical healer to a tired soul.

I'm a very-very optimistic and patient person.

I'm very-very bad at painting but I desperately want to paint like THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS or THIS!!!

I don't make friends easily but I believe in long term friendship (I still maintain some 15-20 years of friendships)

I'm NOT superstitious.

I have keen interest in horror/paranormal flicks (Though they can't manage to scare me).

 I have an always occupied mind. Some thoughts whirls in my mind...always!

Questions & Answers

Why did you start blogging?
My brother Nilabh (Author of Swayamwar: A very well written mythological book. I have done a completely unbiased book review HERE) literally dragged me to this really beautiful and interesting world.

You're getting an all expenses paid trip for two to a place of your choice. Where will it be and with whom?
Any place that is beautifully embellished with nature! And with my spouse of course!

Dog or cat? And why?
For me it's none (As pets).

Half a million dollar for slogging for six months a year or a week's peace on the beaches of Bahamas?
I'll go for slogging for six months a year (It's satisfactory to get anything nice after hard work). I can get peace on the beaches of Bahamas with a handsome bank account.

What's your deepest fear?

How did you propose your girl/guy? Or how do you plan to do so?
My parents did it for me (I wouldn't have done it in any case. A guy should take this initiative after all)

One ctrl+z moment for you? Something you want to if you had a choice?
Of course there are some but the fact is that we don't have a choice to undo things (Read Recurring Memories)

Who is the most marriage-able celebrity?
Umm..actually I'm not interested..:)

Do you follow any sports, team, club, person? Why this love started?
Err...Sachin Tendulkar I would say. And why? Do I need to answer this question?:)

Did you like coming to this blog? And will you visit again?
Yes. Of course I will. (I do it quite often...hai na?)

I would like to nominate all those bloggers who manage their blogs creatively and regularly (Too many to list!) (and who visit my blog of course!:D )


  1. hahaha...lovely reading all your answers... Reading classics are a bore at times but thanks to my stream of studies, I am compelled to read them and write answers *sigh*
    Anyway, Congrats!! you totally deserve this :D
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    Dreams n Drama

  2. Aptly answered,Tarang. Thank you for disclosing a part of the 'self' in you.


  4. lil tidbits about you.. loved reading that.

  5. Congratulations for the award :)Good to know about you! This is the first award post I'm reading about you :D

  6. Congratulations Tarang!!

    Loved knowing you more :)

  7. Congratulations Tarang :) Nice to know more about you :) Nothing soothes a wandering, tired soul like music and nature...

    1. Thank you Reshma! Nature and music are magical healer indeed!:)

  8. Hearty Congratulations For The Award Dear :)

    1. Thank you so much! Good to see you again...:)