Sunday, April 21, 2013

No accusations: just you and your conscience

Be the master of your thoughts
Don't let it spring up from some other mind
Take your own decisions, wisely
Don't let it be influenced by anything

Trust your own conscience
Realize your mistake
Don't get carried away
Don't accuse!

Accusing someone for some ill happenings in our life is the easiest thing we can do. It happened because of you! We say very easily. Sometimes, our decisions and thoughts are influenced by others. Our conscience gets overpowered. We fail to act straightforwardly.

Being nice is good. But being too (Unnecessarily) nice is sometimes stupid. Don't allow someone else to master your life? Because, at some point of time, it may arise the situation when we feel like accusing someone else for our own problems, sometimes without realizing the reality. People often accuse God for our misfortune. Sometimes they accuse their destiny. But when you analyse closely, sometimes, it's our own mistake or lack of knowledge which lead us to a difficult situation.

People accuse someone else for three main reasons:

First, when they are compelled by their nature. Some people have the tendency to blame others for every mishap.

Second, When they desperately want to defend themselves. Before anyone could blame them, accuse someone else!

And third, when they are trapped in the quagmire of troubles. They may not have the tendency of putting accusation on others but adverse situation snatch their conscience and they start to think that that particular situation is just because of any A B C D.

You can think prudently. You can take right and wise decisions. Don't let others rule your thoughts. And prevent yourself from firing the bullets of accusations on others. Believe me, it creates many complications in life, especially when you do it without realizing the reality. Moreover, it can play a pivotal role in embittering relationships.

Written for Theme Thursday (Accusations)
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  1. Your message here is wise. We ARE each the master of our own thoughts.

  2. Yes, our thoughts are how we create our own reality. Well said.

  3. Agree Tarang, blame game is something none of us should be playing!

  4. Thank you for your thoughts.
    I guess . . . forgive the guilty, the innocent will take care of themselves, and there will be no longer any need to accuse!

  5. Very deep analysis of human nature!

    Its easy to point fingers on others than on ourselves.

  6. I believe this is well said.

  7. I love what you wrote, it makes one think hopefully before making an accusation. And the accused needs to learn to stand up for themselves if need be. Sometimes it is just easier to accept what others say than to try and fight for what is right. Life would be so much easier if accusations were a thing of the past but alas they will never be.

    Thank you for writing such a great post for this weeks Theme Thursday. It really says a lot. I hope you have a wonderfully calm week.

    God bless.

    1. What you said is right Mrsupole. Glad you liked this post! Thank you very much!:)

  8. Realistic indeed,Tarang. Nice thought.