Saturday, April 27, 2013

Recurring Memories

Just can't forget those
Recurring, unfortunate memories,
They haunt me terribly!

I wish life had an undo button! If only we got a second chance to make things alright!

People say bygones are bygones. We can't change whatever has happened in our lives so, not looking back is a good option. But some memories/incidents whirl in our mind like an eddy in specific interval. How hard we try but we just can't forget it. Those scenes run like reel.

We sometimes feel really sorry for those incidents when due to our own ignorance, hesitation or inability of taking correct decision, something went wrong.

Oh! we feel, if only we'd thought or acted wisely...

But the fact is that we don't have the privilege to undo things.

We are bound to regret our mistakes, (to realize it...actually & to learn). We just have to cope, learn and move on. Well, learning is important because first time you do things incorrectly, it's mistake. But when you repeat it, it's mostly your choice. And we are not always lucky enough to get several chances!:)


  1. Such a touching post Tarang and I completely agree with you its the guilt of could have - should have that bogs you down more than anything else....

  2. I totally agree..past can be the best teacher you can have and mistakes be the best textbooks...Nice post! :)