Thursday, June 6, 2013

I still remember that pleasant rain...

I still remember
That pleasant rain, which witnessed
Our first meeting

It was the magic of
Charismatic aura…perhaps

Charged with attraction

Every untouched drop
Represented my tender heart
That skipped a beat to see you

My eyes, like dark clouds,
Inexplicably, could not
Stand your intent gaze

Lightening dazzled
And ignited a strange spark
Between two distant souls

With flowing silky breeze,
I carried the memories with me
Which stay with me till date

It’s raining today...again
 Evoked the feeling of nostalgia
Oh, I still remember…

Written for: Sunday Scribblings
         Poets United 


  1. Ah! just so beautiful and filled with the fragrance of first love:) I fell in love with this poem at the very instant:)...

  2. Ohh! I m dying here for some rain and your poem made me more nostalgic..miss u rain really bad..please come home soon!!! :)

  3. Lovely, captured feeling and senses that the words like drops of rain produce.

  4. I like how you turned the rain into something "pleasant" at the first meeting instead of letting it dampen the mood!

    1. Thank you Robyn! It seems pleasant when there's a special memory related to it:)

  5. Ha! This poem made me remember my first kiss, and how suddenly thunder rolled, my mom turned on the porch light and we clung together thinking we had been struck by lightning. Hee hee. True story. Loved your poem.

  6. There is something about rain that is melancholy and reminiscent. You have highlighted this perfectly in this poem. Well done :)

  7. I think I have laughed more in the rain than in the hot sun.

  8. Loved these words... I love rains and your pic with those lines added to the beauty.. not forgetting the fact that as I read it it is raining right now here ;)

    1. Oh how nice! You know when I wrote this poem, it was raining here as well:)
      Glad you liked it. Thank you:)

  9. This poem is deliciously bitter sweet, the thought of revisiting a precious memory every time it rains. Thanks.

  10. It rains sweet drops in the readers heart.