Monday, July 8, 2013

Joyful path!

Savoring the flavor of freedom
I roam like a gypsy
Meeting various people
Learning various languages
Embracing various cultures!

Colourful views
Vibrant faces
I capture them in my heart
To cherish them always

A special face strikes the chord
Resembles someone
Close to my heart
The memories still tickle

Togetherness…not meant for me
No restrictions
No inhibitions
I experience a swift flight
As if hugging the limitless sky!

Hugging the limitless sky

Like a swaying kite
That goes high and high
But the string is in my control

The racing world
My restless mind
I seek solace in the beauty
Of mesmerizing dusk

My boundless journey will
Take a fresh start
With the first glimpse of dawn
Towards a destination…
That’s a joyful path itself!

For: The Mag