Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Book-Review: My Stroke of Luck by Vijay Santhanam

Last night I finished reading "My Stroke of Luck by Vijay Santhanam" published by Hay House India.

This book is an inspirational journey of the author himself, from the adversity to triumph. It reflects the author's determination and patience.

At 41, a hard stroke hits the author and he finds himself in the pit of serious ailment and disability. He lost his speech and suffered motor skill disorder. He had to go through many frustrating therapies but it was his courage, will power and positive attitude that helped him to bounce back. And of course, he was blessed to have a caring and supportive family and friends!

The tagline of the book is 'Alphabet to author'. So, this book is all about his re-learning process and it's difficulties.

The book is nicely written. The author has avoided the medical/scientific terms (Though it deals with several therapies) which makes this book a light read. Initial pages are very engrossing but after that it seemed that the book (Healing process) was going in fast forward pace. I understand the author's love for cricket but the author has mentioned it several times that sometimes I found it irritating, especially in such a critical condition.

It's a must read for you if you like motivational read (Don't expect any fictional twist and turns!) It's really inspiring! Hats off to the author!

Since it's a motivational read, there should be some moral of the story:
First: Never avoid your sickness! Contact your doctor if it persists for long hours.
Second: Have courage, determination, positive attitude and patience in your life!

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  1. looks like quite an inspirational dose..
    added in to-read list :)