Friday, February 7, 2014

Book - Review: Done With Men by Shuchi Kalra

Finished reading "Done With Men" by Shuchi Singh Kalra (Published by Indireads). Indireads publishes sweet novellas (E-book)

Done With Men revolves around Kairavi or Kay, a travel writer in a popular magazine. She is still mourning a bitter breakup/heartbreak when her best friend and roommate Baani comes up with an interesting vacation cum assignment offer.

Kay heads for Goa with Baani to overcome the aftereffect of latest breakup, deciding, resolutely, to stay away from men. Her determined thought of 'Not getting involved with men' is shaking as she finds herself strongly attracted to a very handsome young doctor Vivian.

What's the destination of this crush? Will she ever find true love?

You have to read the book to know the answers!

Done With Men is an interesting Romantic Comedy! Writing style of the author is very interesting, light, neat and crisp. As a debut author she has done a wonderful job! I so liked the wit and humour that it faintly reminded me of Sophie Kinsella books!! I loved the "Thought Bubble"!

Characters are nicely sketched. I really liked the character of Kay. She is bold yet innocent, loud but caring. The book cover is aptly designed for this story.

Highly recommended to those who love reading Chick Lit or Romance.

Really looking forward to Shuchi Kalra's next book. You can connect with the author on Twitter.

I received this book from the author for an honest review. Thank you!

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