Thursday, September 18, 2014

Book Review: Mango Cheeks Metal Teeth by Aruna Nambiar

When I heard about this book, the title seemed really quirky. Then the setting. I have never been to Kerela, but this place inexplicably fascinates me. I read some really nice reviews, and I thought to give it a try when Writers Melon approached me for the review.

Mango Cheeks Metal Teeth is a light fiction by Aruna Nambiar (Westland Books). This book reminded me of those playful afternoons in vacations that we enjoyed in our childhood. Just kids, in the silence of afternoons, playing and sharing!

This story is about two different families. Their joys, connections, doubts and woes. The story mainly revolves around an eleven years old girl Geetha, who is excited to spend her summer vacation with her cousins. The book gives an account of the events, somehow life changing, in that much awaited vacation.

The writing is undoubtedly neat and crisp. It carries the events so realistically that it gives the story a certain kind of authenticity. There's a nice touch of humour and innocence that often brings a smile. Characters are well sketched. The book cover is interesting!

The book has the essence of Kerela but it could be a little difficult and confusing read for non-Keralites, as there is frequent usage of Malayali terms. Of course there's is a glossary (At the end of the book), but who would like to turn pages frequently to understand the meanings. It could have been written as footnotes. Moreover, there's a crowd of characters. Again, the book starts with family trees but again who wants to remember that family tree before reading a story. Personally, for me, it didn't work. It was very confusing and disturbing.

Overall, for me, it was a sweet and nice yet confusing read. It can be an interesting read if you like light fiction and yes, if you are familiar with Malayali terms.


  1. The cover looks so intriguing and fun read :)

    Your review is now tempting me to read it as well!

  2. A very nice review Tarang! This book is not meant for me as well as I donno malayalam too!