Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: More Tears to Cry by Jean Sasson

The title, the cover and the theme of More Tears to Cry by bestselling author Jean Sasson attracted my interest. The author has told such stories before in the previous series of this book but the fourth one is my first read. And reading the latest book first did not affect the flow because the book starts with a detailed backdrop that gives a fair idea about the previous stories and experiences. And I really liked reading that.

More tears to cry is a unique collection of true stories about the lives of Saudi Arabian women. It has been told through the eyes of Princess Sultana. In these touching and revealing stories, author has intensely described the restrictions, struggles and challenges of Saudi Arabian women. And most surprising thing is that such conditions are irrespective of class. Princess Sultana narrates the inside stories of one of the richest yet conservative kingdoms. The person whom she marries, her siblings, her daughters, servants, her palace, many different people she meets, everything falls in these stories. 

It’s about love, concern, justice and different perspectives. Basically, this book dwells in varied lives of different women of Saudi Arabia. It’s about their efforts of finding their own suitable ways.

The narration is detailed and subtle, covering various emotions and thoughts. As they are true stories, they seem well researched. Sometimes shocking, sometimes inspiring and sometimes enlightening.

Writing style is neat and crisp, but sometimes the story seemed a little stretched and repetitive. I think, writing from different and suitable point of views would have been more interesting and apt.

Overall, it was a nice read that reveals, educates, jolts and moves emotionally. Recommended for women readers.

I received this book from the publisher Random House India for an honest review.

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