Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gearing Up For Reading!

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Reading is sheer bliss! It's not just a hobby; for me, it's a habit. I find it strange when someone says "I can't read novels" I mean how can you say that?!

I think reading is the only thing you can do every day, or for the longest period without getting bored of.

If you like to read, and have a desire to read somewhere in your mind, but don't know where to start and how to make time for it, here are some tips.

Be genre specific: There are some bookworms who can just eat up everything they can get their hands on. I am not that of a kind. I am very genre-specific, and I think it's absolutely alright. Find your genre and start reading. One of my family friends (A teenager) borrowed a fantasy book from me and I was pleasantly surprised when she finished it in a go. Even she didn't know she liked reading so much.

Pick a light read. Deep, intense literary fiction is not for you if you are just starting out. I don't think you would like classic reads either. Well, it's up to you but choose something light like chick-Lit or fantasy or maybe short story collections.

Talk about books with your friends. Friends who like reading, otherwise they won't listen to you. trust me!

Keep tracks of new arrivals. Read online excerpts and reviews.

Express and share your views after reading a book. You can write a review on your blog or Facebook. Join Goodreads. It may stir your interest.

Read in bits: Close the book, bookmarked, when you think the story is about to take an interesting twist, just like television serials. The book will call you soon.

Read, before going to bed: "I don't have time to read." is the lamest excuse for not reading. If you really like reading, you will extract some time to read. Reading before going to bed is the best time. Read for five or ten minutes (Mind it, there are some books that may keep you awake until wee hours :))

Few book suggestions, if your are gearing up for being a reader:

Read 2 States by Chetan Bhagat.  It's light and humourous!

Tea For Two and a Piece of Cake by Preeti Shenoy  Smooth and easy read. Identifiable situations and characters.

Done With Men by Shuchi Singh Kalra. It funny and modern.

I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella. Funny and witty with many laugh out loud moments.

If you like Ghost sstories read "Frankly Spooking" by Sri. It's a collection of Short, spooky, unpredictable stories.

If you like delightful, mild love stories, read Debbie Macomber. And if you read Hindi novels, read Sharatchandra! Anyday!

So, start reading and enjoy the world of books, and share your reads with me. Happy Reading!

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