Friday, May 29, 2015

Growing and Glowing as a Writer!

I am participating in the Writing Contest: How Writing Has Positively Influenced My Life! Hosted by Positive Writer

I write because I love writing! Because I love to think about writing. Playing with words. Crafting a story. Trying to create interesting situations. Talking to my characters. 

I am introvert person, and I am glad I write because writing has given me the freedom and ability to express myself. To express my thoughts and imagination in words.

I am a voracious reader. I have always been. But, writing was not something I thought I could do. Although I have an always occupied mind, always churning with some thoughts. Dramatization of some situations with quirky dialogues were something I used to do in my mind but it took many years to discover a writer in me.

For me writing was something you can call serendipity.  I discovered a writer in me by chance. I put few words together to create a poem and it got published. I was surprised. ‘Okay, it is just a simple poem. I can’t write an article.’ I had said to myself.

Then I wrote an article and it got published in a national magazine. “Okay, it’s just an article, based on facts and research. But, writing a story is tough. I can't do it.” I thought again, suspecting my ability. Then I wrote a short story in Hindi. It got rejected and I was proved right. But, then I wrote the same story in English. That had been approved by Delhi Press. I was pleasantly surprised when I crafted a 3500-4000 words story and it found a place in a best-selling anthology.

So, basically writing has taught me to trust my ability. Made me believe that you can achieve if you try. If you try, there are two options: You win. You lose. But, if you don’t even try. There are no options. You lose.  

Ignore those who laugh at you and your failure. Make time to do what you love or love what you do and devote. Remember, the last laugh will be your’s.

Two years back, even though I was a published writer, I couldn't bring myself to say that ‘I am a writer’ if anyone would ask. Seriously, it felt odd. But, then my inner voice said. “Published or not published, if you love writing, you are a writer.” And, now I don’t hesitate to call myself a writer. If you will not respect yourself as a writer, who is going to do that?

I strongly believe that “Creative Writing is like meditation” It has filled my mind with myriads of positive thoughts, and these positive thoughts are so strong that if any negative thought gets access in my mind, it cannot stay for long. 

I am a very patient person. But, writing has made me even more patient. It has made a careful learner. I am stubborn when it comes to being hopeful. And, I think it’s good to be stubborn. I am too stubborn to give up on my writing although I have had those painfully hopeless moments when I (almost) thought to quit writing. 

But, NO! I won’t give up on writing. NEVER!

The main reason of that hopeless thought is Rejection. Obviously, I am not the best. I fail sometimes. I fail to impress people with my writing. Sometimes, fail to bring myself to write. But I have realized that fear of criticism and rejection is not good for the creativity. It disrupts the creative flow as you tend to think about your failure. So, I have developed a fear-less mind about my writing. I have started to believe (strongly) that criticism is a tool that sculpts your writing. Rejection is that light that inspires you to make your words shine.

Creative Writing has enabled me to see things differently, always searching stories triggered by keen observation. As Maya Angelou has said that “There’s no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” and, how true it is! It’s painful to bear those whirling, jumbling ideas. It seems that these churning ideas would produce hundreds of stories. Only if we can! I wish our brains had a save button. Sigh!

Imagination is a wonderful experience, and it can take you anywhere. Unlock your imagination and let your creativity flow, you will be transported to another world. A beautiful world.

And it is very important to give your thoughts and imagination a free flight. 

Writing has inspired me to organize my thoughts and ideas. Like many other writers, I do it by jotting down my ideas. The main problem is that many brilliant ideas strike at absurd hours. But, I try to jot them down as soon as they flashed no matter how weird the time is.

Writing has inspired me to dream big. It has widened the horizon of my thought. Really, reading and writing sharpen your insight. I have learned that apprehension and inhibition resist good writing. One needs to shed them to grow as a writer.

So, basically, writing is a great learning experience. And, learning is joy. I want to savour this joy and grow and glow! 

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