Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In the lap of nature


didn't know rain could be so fascinating. I think as I watch; sitting in a nice balcony, fat raindrops falling on the gurgling stream passing by. What a pretty sight. It’s usually a mess in a hectic city and life. Clogged roads. Creeping vehicles. Blaring honks. Getting late for the office. Terse glances of my boss. Damp clothes struggling to get dried in my small balcony.

But, here it is different. I am in the lap of nature. Silence. Bliss. Nature at its best. Unsullied.

When I landed here this morning, I couldn't believe such places actually exist.

No, I’m not on a vacation. I’m not that lucky. I am here to attend an official meeting which hardly ran for an hour, gifting me this personal time.

The caretaker arrives with a steaming mug of coffee. He hands me that with a smile and leaves immediately. Good. I don’t want to miss this mesmerizing vista even for a second. Because I’m supposed to leave this place tonight. Sigh!

I take a sip and inhale the fragrance of nature. I love this silence and solitude, for a change. It may sound weird but I do. I love silence and solitude, for they listen to me and don't interrupt.

It’s for limited period. Then usual sounds again. Sounds of various types with various intensities. The wails. The screams. The nags. The taunts. The requests (And I can’t say a no). Interruptions. Never-ending blabbering. Hissing problems. The demands. And above all, the constant churning of wagon called struggle. Struggle to fulfil all the needs of people around me. As if I am the saviour for all.

This moment, I don’t want to think about that. But, they follow me like a large shadow behind me, ready to engulf.

Rain stops and after a while, the valley breaks into a sparkling brightness. I swig the coffee, cold by now, and almost run towards the stream. I want to touch the crystal clear water advancing merrily. I want to roam around for a while, aimlessly, absorbing the beauty.

I didn’t realize it’s dusk already. I have to go. 

“Can I sleep peacefully in the lap of nature? Can  stay here? Forever?”

No. I have duties and responsibilities, eagerly waiting for me. I have to go. But, I am grateful to my life for this lovely chance to witness the beauty of this serene place. For short-term solace. That I will cherish forever. 

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  1. You have described it so well...left me wanting to be there, right now !

  2. Beautifully written! I so agree with you. Nature is soothing and calming. I so love being around nature without a worry in the mind. :)

  3. @ Nabanita: :) Thank you!

    @ Namrata: You're right! Thank you :)

  4. No better way to recharge the batteries ...

  5. Very touching synopsis,Tarang .nice.