Friday, January 1, 2016

Book Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

One good book is far better than twenty mediocre ones! 

Didn't read much last year but I got hold on some really good books, and Me Before You by Jojo Moyes is one of them. And I truly thank Penguin India for the (unbiased) review copy! 

I finished this book two days ago but the effect of this book still lingers, and I somehow find it difficult to review this book because as I sit down to write the review, so many thoughts whirl in my mind.

Me before You is an excruciating story that encounters harsh realities and supreme unfairness of life. And, the moment you turn the last page (It has 480 pages but I didn't realize when I actually turned the last page), you would realize that it has strong elements of a love story.

Louisa Clark, 26, has lost her job. But, as a sole earner of a full-fledged somehow happy family, she can’t sit back. She grabs a job of carer or high-paid friend to Will Traynor. 

Will Traynor is a young, handsome, wealthy man whose world has shrunk to his wheel chair for life. He is angry at his helplessness. Tired of pains and frequent sickness. Having lived a successful, romantic, independent and adventurous life before his accident, it’s completely understandable that he finds it difficult to…live.

Louisa has six months to ease him, and to make him happy. But, it won’t be easy for her in a cold smile-less environment of Will’s house with a carefree father and a stiff mother. Her boyfriend doesn't like the idea of spending too much time with her boss. And,Will is cranky and doesn't get along with the carers. 

But, this is the challenge of this job, and after a significant incident, Louisa will do anything to make Will Traynor happy, like a mission. Just she doesn't know that Will’s mental strength is helping her to find new horizon for herself. To emerge from her stifled (just like her room) life!

This book carries strong emotions. And it evokes a sense of loss. The narration is crisp that slowly yet smartly unravels myriads of feelings; considering the subject of the story, it doesn't preach, thankfully. The characters have been sketched brilliantly, and they seem convincing. You will instantly like Louisa and her genuine efforts. I particularly loved the character of Will Traynor, the male protagonist. Will Traynor will stay in my mind...perhaps forever.

I loved the dialogues, the conversations between Will and Louisa. The wit and humour are well placed and incredibly effortless. 

The author has took the liberty to swap the point of views, and that’s okay but I would have liked it more if she has chosen Camilla Traynor, Will’s mother, as one of the narrators. The character has potential which, I felt, has been squandered.

Even though the book started a little slow, and didn't turn out the way I'd expected, it touched me in a certain way, and I love this book for this particular reason.

For me, it was a poignant and engrossing read, and I highly recommend this to every book (fiction) lover.

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