Thursday, March 3, 2016

Why would you un-follow people on Twitter? #SocialMedia

Social media presence is kind of essential for people's profile these days. When I say social media, I mean Twitter and blog. I'm definitely NOT talking about Facebook. I'm not a bit interested in FB. I love my blog and I find solace on Twitter. Ironic, isn't it? But, chaos of twitter keeps me calm and distracted (for a while of course) from anxiety.

Readers are more important than followers. Those who read your posts and are kind enough to leave you comments. I have an average readership (It's amazing to see bloggers who get 40-90 comments every post! And I sometimes I feel like my words don't even exist, just like my FB page). It's so sweet of Rudraprayaga who visits my blog regularly, and I truly thank her for this!

So, basically, interaction is important.

Recently, I read This interesting Post On Social Media by Alok Singhal, and I couldn't agree more. Every point is so relevant!

Then today, Shailaja V, a wonderful blogger who covers various interesting themes, conducted a poll on Twitter. Why would you un-follow people on Twitter? She gave four options, and asked to add options that's missing. I added two more options. That acted like a prompt and I decided to write about it.

So here are the options.

People on Twitter Who -

Are Uninteresting: Interesting or uninteresting, it depends on individuals. A thing that is interesting/relevant for me may not be interesting for others. But yes, I don't want to follow (I may not un-follow though) those who constantly tweet their pictures. I mean who wants to know how you looked/what you wore/what you bought every morning. It is so Facebook-ish!

Or some tweets are just endorsements. It's okay as social media is a great platform for promotion but why can't you post something interesting (other than endorsement) for a change?

Or some just whine about single thing every single day. It's annoying.

Or spread negativity with their depressing tweets!

Don't Follow Back: I don't do this, honestly! I'm very selective and sure about my following list but when I follow people I don't expect a follow back (Of course it feels nice when they follow back!). I follow many people who don't follow me.

But people often do this, following with an expectation of follow-back (and un-following when you don't live up to their expectation). My followers number go like this: 499 to 501, then 499, 496, then seems like a number game.

Tweet too often: I don't mind this until tweets are interesting/informative/thoughtful. But, if it's constant endorsements (I got it you have just released your book) and frequent RTs (that's not relevant to me), it's irritating!

Hardly tweet anything: This is boring. Why would I follow people who don't tweet anything for several months or years? I want to un-follow them after waiting for few months.

Follow you (Get your follow back) and then un-follow!: This is mean. When I joined twitter, I saw a very famous personality whose followers and following number were same (more than a lakh). In fact he wrote in his profile "I always follow back". It obviously attracted his fans. Then one fine day, he decided to declutter his following list. Now he followed just 200-300 people and his followers remained the same.

Last year, someone (a well known writer) followed me. I followed him back out of courtesy even though I haven't read his books. Then one day, he thought I was not good enough to be followed and un-followed me. I was new on twitter and I found it mean so I too un-followed him. Just few days back, he again followed me. I didn't and guess what? He un-followed me within a day!

Never reply: This is rude. How busy you could be to not reply? Even Ratan Tata replies to the tweet sent to him (He did to one of my friends). One can understand if you are a celebrity but if you are not, what does it take to reply to your readers or those who are saying something to you?

I like Preeti Shenoy. The way she interacts with her readers (On her blog and social networking sites). People read your tweets or blogposts. Take time to write to you and you just leave them unanswered. This is simply not done. You must respect/value your readers! Interaction builds connection, sometimes really good and valuable connections.

So, what's your Social Media Peeves?


  1. I so agree with you here Tarang and yes Rudraprayaga is someone even I am thankful to. She inspires me to keep writing all the time.

  2. Loved all your thoughts. I do precisely the same....I recently cut down my follow list by more than a half - they hardly interacted with me!

    Follow-unfollow is a bad game; but some people are yet to become wise, if they ever become one!

  3. Interesting points, Tarang. I agree to most of your pet peeves. I am on twitter but not always. I definitely prefer it to FB. And I enjoy witty and humorous ones much more than religious and political ones. Social media is a weird beast, I must say. :)

  4. @ Privy Trifles: Yes, it's so kind of her! Thanks.

    @ Alok: You're right! Thanks for reading this post!

    @ Rachna: Oh, it's better to stay away from religious and political tweets (But some topics prompt you to write something). It often turns outrageous. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I like the way you added two more options. Technically there are many more, of course but these do seem to be the main ones. I often wonder why people use Twitter the way they do. Most of them are just RTs and others follow, hoping for a follow back. I take my time to either follow someone or follow them back. I don't believe in boosting numbers for the sake of stats. Yes, replying is just basic courtesy. At the very least, a 'favourite' should do if you are out of time. As Rachna says, I prefer Twitter to FB because I cannot see most of the negativity here. Plus I quietly un-follow if they don't interest me.

    Enjoyed this post, Tarang.

  6. Yes, even clicking on 'favourite' may act like an acknowledgement. And, I also take time, because just like you I also don't believe in boosting numbers. Thanks for reading, Shailaja!

  7. Interesting. I think I mute more than unfollow. But sometimes, I do unfollow when I only get to see negativity being spewed. Or, sometimes to stop myself for forming a negative opinion about a person based on his or her tweets. But I recently learnt that if you unfollow people on Twitter for that the other person takes it the wrong way. So, mute is my mantra for now because I have enough things to worry about in real life.

  8. Hmm.. interesting question Tarang but I don't count myself as a Twitter enthusiast - I prefer Facebook. Saying your thing in 140 characters - that's a hard thing to do. In fact most of social media for me is driven less by concerns of networking and more by what interests me. I find it hard to keep track of the follows/unfollows. So I'm pretty useless when it comes to a survey like this one.

  9. @ Nabanita: Yes, people take it in the wrong way and that's why I hesitate to un-follow (even though some people maintain perpetual silence. I seldom mute.

    @ Tulika: And, I like Twitter. Not interested in Facebook. That's why I don't have a personal account. Just a page and nobody cares what I post there. :)