Saturday, June 25, 2016

Book Review: My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari

I chose this book for two reasons. First, the genre. It is a love story, and romance is my favourite genre. Second, the book has been compared to Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. (This is one book that I immensely liked and is one of my best reads of 2015.)

My Last Love Story by Falguni Kothari tells the story of Simeen Desai, her husband Nirvaan and their best buddy Zayaan.

Simeen and Nirvaan love each other, but Nirvaan is dying. He wants something that Simeen doesn’t. A baby! He wants Zayaan to be the guardian of Simeen and the baby. It stirs bizarre emotions, memories, and discomfort in Simeen's mind.

Why this discomfort? How this decision and discomfort change their lives? You need to read this book to know.

First of all, it is unfair to compare this book with MeBefore You by Jojo Moyes! You would know if you have read MBY.

The cover of the book is soothing, and promises a touching story. The theme is intriguing and different, but the execution of the story didn’t turn out the way I had expected. 

Writing is good but the narration is so plain that at some point it becomes boring.
The pace of the story is painfully slow. I wanted some spark in Nirvaan-Simeen-Zayaan trio, but the moment it started to build, unnecessary details of their extended families disrupted the flow and the feeling. 

Characterisation is good. I particularly liked Zayaan. The author has captured the details very well, and she has expressed the emotions and dilemma of Simeen skillfully.

Reviews of this book are unanimously fabulous. As a reader it somehow confused me.

If you like romance, and particularly enjoy descriptions and details, you may like it. I prefer fast paced stories, so for me, it was an average read, mainly because I had higher expectations.

I got this book for review from BookReviews review Program.


  1. Smells interesting.You leave the viewer to be curious.

  2. Hmmm..interesting concept, but I don't think I can handle angst at the moment, after so many heavy reads this year. I am going the sappy romance route for this summer, so I will pass on this for now.

  3. @ Rudraprayaga: It is better to leave readers curious than telling the whole story, no? :)

    @ Shantala: Yes, the concept is interesting, but I did not like the execution.