Friday, July 22, 2016

Putting Things Right. BM Day 8

She was fiddling with her phone, her mind jumbled. She couldn't believe she did that. How could she? 

She got married last month. She was happy, excited and nervous. She wanted to share her happiness with her friends but forgot to invite one of her dearest friends, Ronny.

Should she call him? How would he react? He hadn’t called even once. Why would he? He must be angry. Volley of thoughts whirling in her mind.

She started typing on her phone. “How are you? Look, I’m sorry! Miss you. She texted him, finally.

No reply. Obviously.

I won’t give up. She thought and typed again. “Angry?” 

No response.

Her phone blared and flashed Ronny’s number. She picked up. “I’m not angry,” Ronny yelled even before she could say a hello, “I am disappointed. And, I am glad you miss me. I miss you too!” Ronny finished in the very familiar friendly, blended with mock anger, tone. He sounded just like before.

A wide smile appeared on her lips, and she could feel the heaviness of her heart ebbing away. I knew it! She thought.

Over-thinking disturbs. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to put things right. People who know you, would understand you.


  1. True's not the said what matters, sometimes.

  2. Will talk to my bestie now.
    There is somethingsame between us now.
    Glad you write this one

  3. @ Alok: True!

    @ Dixita: Please do that. Thanks for reading: )

  4. @ Alok: True!

    @ Dixita: Please do that. Thanks for reading: )