Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Power Of Going Slow. BM Day 14

You might have seen such a view if you have ever been to Himachal, Uttarakhand or any mountain area.

When I first saw this view for the first time, I grew thoughtful. I looked up and a small red temple at the top of the mountain caught my attention. How would I reach there? I knew I would but it gave me jitters. Our car moved ahead, reading several 'be careful, be safe' kind of boards. And, after some time, we crossed the temple. It was exciting. Enjoying the loveliness of nature. Vistas so mesmerizing that I skipped my beats.

This is the power of going slow. The roads, dangerous yet safely nestled in the arms of vast mountains (Deep valleys made me icky at times), are elevated gradually, and as we move, we don't even realize when, and how easily we reached there.

Can we reach there if we try to rush, trying to reach there on a whim? Trying to reach there at once?

I thought it's like achievement. Of course there are some people who get things easily but most of the times we need to struggle. Everything needs time. Achieving success demands patience.

When we rush, and try to achieve something immediately, there are chances we falter. Sometimes, we need to go slow. And, then, we won't even realize when we reached the zenith of success!

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  1. The famous and overly repeated saying fits here - slow and steady wins the race. I believe in slow and organic growth. I am not lucky to get free lunches either.

  2. Go slow and observe what's there for taking. Sometimes you get a lot of things which are worth grabbing. Lovely post! :)