Monday, August 1, 2016

People From Your Dreams. BarAThon Challenge

I have always been fascinated by dreams. Dreams that we see while sleeping. I dream a lot (both while sleeping and while I am wide awake). Some of my dreams have come true, actually! And, it was shocking!

Do you remember your dreams? I do. I even remember some of my childhood dreams, and some of them are so clear! It means usually wake up in the Rapid Eye Movement Sleep (REM), which is psychologically not good. Psychology says that people forget their dreams within five minutes (sometimes, in a blink) since they are up from their sleep.

I always wonder who are those people whom I often see in my dreams and don't recognize them. Some faces are so clear. Once I wrote a fiction based on this thought. One comment that I received on this post left me flabbergasted!

One of my readers said that she had a recurring dream of a German man, walking towards her car. She saw his face clearly. And, after some years, she married that man!

Isn't it stranger that fiction?

Psychology says that a person only dreams of people whom she/he has seen in real life. It is just difficult (impossible) to remember those faces we come across in our lives.

Sharing with BarAThon Challenge. Theme: Stranger Than Fiction


  1. Interesting Tarang. I forget my dreams quickly most of the times and it is very rare to see an unknown face in my dreams

  2. Very strange of that lady marrying that man.

    I don't dream much, more of a sound sleep i have. But sometimes, I do!

  3. @ Ramya: Sometimes, I forget but I remember them most of the times. Thanks for reading.

    @ Alok: Yes, it's strange! It's good. I dream a lot, even if I nap for 10 mins. :)

  4. Intriguing and interesting post! Marrying the person from your recurring dream... that's amazing!
    I do dream but dont remember anything on waking up!

  5. I have vivid dreams, and I remember most too. And a few things have come true as well, which, frankly, is scary and surprising, both.

  6. This is kind of romantic - finding the man of your dreams :-). I would like to know how they did in real life after they got married.

  7. Is it true? That we only dream of people we've seen? Maybe we have seen them somewhere in a crowd and our mind registered it subconsciously. So technically, you haven't seen the person, but you have.
    Ok, I'm confused now :)
    Interesting take, Tarang.

  8. Amazing..dreams became the reality for her. Its scary actually.

  9. I remember only the bad ones... and it's good that my dreams don't come true ;) The good ones I tend to forget easily.

  10. @ Shilpa: Yes, that's unbelievable!

    It means that you sleep soundly, and it's good :)

    @ Mayuri: You're like me. Yes, it's both surprising and scary.

    @ Tulika: Yes, romantic and unbelievable! Even I wanted to know. I even mailed her for a story but she didn't reply :(

  11. @ Sid: You are right. It's difficult rather impossible to remember every face we see, sometimes just for a flash, but our sub-conscious mind reserves it, I guess :)

    Thank you!

    @ Maybe scary for us, but how romantic for her!

    @ Rajlakshmi: :) sometimes, I try hard to remember my dreams when I forget them. I just remember that they were good ones.

  12. Wow... she literally married the man of her dreams? That is truly an amazing thing to happen. And yes, it does make you wonder about the psychic connection between the dream world and reality.

  13. I do dream but dont remember anything on waking up. thanks for your post Sakura Beauty

  14. Yes, this is something to ponder. I wonder about dreams, their cast and their significance. There is a complete vocation and science dedicated to dream analysis. Sometimes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction! Sadly my dreams are restricted to mundane scenes such as running out of provisions in the middle of a cook :(

  15. @ Roshan: Yes! I find dreams and everything related to it fascinating.

    @ Kala: :) I even wrote a story inspired by my dreams. Guess the genre...horror!

  16. Oh, dreams and I have a strange connection. I have many repeated dreams. One - of crashing plane. Two - I am not able to reach a place in time in spite of efforts. And many many more. I do remember my bad dreams, which is not good.