Monday, November 21, 2016

Those who care...

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“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” – Bernard M. Baruch.

That's true! Those who matter don't mind. They don't mind because they care. They don't judge, they understand. They help you flourish yet they love you the way you are. Those who care, care for your dreams. They give you space to take your flight and inhale freedom, and sometimes try to be your wings. Those who care don't expect you to change, but they can be a sliver of light that may lead you to the right path. With whom you can be yourself, speak without measuring your words. Because they know the real you, and they won't mind.

Those who care are very special and they deserve your time, attention and care.

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  1. So beautiful, that little bird, and your lovely words. Congrats on the book!

  2. Such caring in your wise words and photos Tarang. Thank you for this beautiful gift... may we all take this kind of care with ourselves and with each other. Thank you.

  3. @ Sherry: Thank you! :)

    @ Lea: Glad you liked it. Thanks for reading. :)

    @ Rosemary: Thanks! :)

    @ Sumana: Thank you! :)

  4. This is my favourite quote and this is a second blog post that I have read today on it. Lovely translation and I agree with it 100%

  5. Love this!! A tender and heart stirring write ❤️

  6. Lovely expression. Yes, those who care accept us and love us unconditionally!