Thursday, December 15, 2016

7 Reasons You May Not Succeed As a Writer

You love writing. You dream to be a published writer. You dream of seeing your name in reputed newspapers and magazines. Or to become a best-selling author, expecting a handsome cash flow in your account. You work hard but get only rejections. You get depressed and start thinking that you can’t make it. A question keeps creeping in your mind – why? What went wrong?

Here are some reasons or reminders! 

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You may find it helpful if you are a new writer (Like me)! It's based on my personal experiences. I am still learning.


  1. Great tips, Tarang. Especially the one about perfection in the first draft. That hinders creativity more than anything else.

  2. Thanks, Shantala for reading. Glad you liked it. Means a lot! :)