Friday, January 27, 2017

Book Review: Lanka's Princess by Kavita Kane

Finished yet another mythological fiction, my new favourite genre. Lanka's Princess is Kavita Kane's 4th book (Again by Rupa Publications), however, this is my first book by the author.

Although, Mahabharata is more advanced, complicated and multilayered - basically more interesting, I find the women characters of Ramayana intriguing.

Kavita Kane is known for her lesser known/talked female mythological characters like Urmila, Karna's wife and Menaka, but this time she has chosen a very well known character as her protagonist.

This book tells about Surpanakha, a very significant character of Ramayan; her emotions, sexuality and role in Ramayan - from her point of view.

Lanka's Princess starts with prologue where Krishna meets Kubja, and I loved this part even though I don't like the idea of prologue. The author has portrayed Krishna beautifully!

The setting has been described really well - it creates vivid imagery. Characterization is nice. I particularly liked little Surpanakha's relationship with her grandmother, Taraka who loves her - somehow an ignored child - unconditionally and encourages her wholeheartedly. Also, the scenes where Surpanakha converses with Sita and Urmila were interesting.

'You make the world believe what you are, not believe what the world believes of you.'

Writing is good, of course, however several editing errors were a tad disappointing. Usage of words like cerebral and damn in 'dialogues' felt odd for this genre.The first half of the book is slow and repetitive, but picks up in the second half.  But, the end (including the epilogue) seemed rushed. Some important incidents just pass without much importance they deserved.

The main story starts with Surpanakha's birth, and then, it goes on in a linear way. It seemed more prototypical than imaginative. I didn't find any lesser known anecdotes (except for the prologue)- an important factor for mythology (in my opinion).

Overall, it was a nice read but not as exciting as I had expected it to be. But, if you enjoy mythological fiction, go for it.

I received this book from the publisher for an honest review.


  1. I have been hearing a lot of good things about Kavita Kane. I do not read much mythology since I find it repetitive most of the time. Thanks for the candid review.

  2. Tarang, your sharing buttons don't seem to be working, do check them.

  3. @ Shalet: Do read. If you enjoy mythology, you'll like it. :)

    @ Inderpreet: I understand what you mean. I never thought I could enjoy mythology until I read The Palace of Illusions. Thanks for reading. :)

    And, there's some problem, I guess (someone said this before :)). Will check. Thanks!

  4. I read her first two books and liked them. Then I gave Menaka a miss. This one is on my TBR.

  5. I am very much interested in mythological fiction. Your review inspires me to pick up this book. Thanks for introducing this book :)

  6. @ Tulika: I hope you like it. Looking forward to your review.

    @ Manaswini: Do read this then. You will like it.And, if you like mythology, I'm sure you have read The Palace of Illusions. It's a wonderful book!