Monday, February 20, 2017

Revisiting Memory Lane

Cursed by misfortune, 
Crushed by desolation
Clutched by the void within
I seek out a path to walk down memory lane
The familiar sunshine of smiles,
Bouquet of joy greet me
Oh, the whiff of bliss and solace!
Missed opportunities and zest clustered
A bunch of follies
Josh me
Laden with nostalgic emotions
Memories reach my eyes, 
Just like dewdrops in the sunshine

Through the blurred vision, I see a girl sitting under a tree. Her long skirt sprawled around the stone she is sitting on, her curls fluttering in the gentle breeze. She is my (much) younger, brighter, happier and care-free version. How happy I feel to see her! She looks at me and smiles brightly, the smile reaching her twinkling eyes. Golden sunshine filtering through the tree branches makes her face radiant. Then, she frowns. 'Why are you crying?' she asks innocently. Oh! I forgot I was crying. I shrug.

'Does crying change anything? Does it solve any problem?' she asks, I am surprised at her wisdom. But, you see, I am her older version, more experienced and wiser.

'No. But, crying gives you two important things. Some solace and strength. Tears rejuvenate your soul,' I say with a teacher-like look.

She doesn't understand this fact, and I am glad.

'Okay, can you pass me some happiness?' I ask.

'No. How can I? They're mine. You've had your share of happiness. But, you are supposed to create new forms of happiness. Haven't you created any?'

Her question feels like teasing. How wise she sounds. 'Can I have some wisdom?' I ask recalling the bunch of missed opportunities and follies.

'Oh yes!' She picks up a pebble and throws in the river nearby, the expanse so familiar.

'Why? Haven't I had my share of wisdom too?'

She rises to her feet, curling her lower lip. 'Maybe, but you can still take it. You have earned that out of your experiences, haven't you?'

Oh yes! Happiness is ephemeral, keeps changing, but wisdom - it remains with you. It keeps growing with your experiences, choices, mistakes. You just need to pay attention, and learn.

I open my mouth to say something, but vision starts blurring making her slim figure sway. I am back to the reality. But, I haven't returned empty handed. This revisit was a gentle reminder. The momentary happiness. New enthusiasm. And yes, I have to create my new share of happiness! I smile. Do I look like her?

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  1. Enjoyed this dialogue of selves

    Have a blessed week

    Much love...

  2. A well thought out piece. I enjoyed the conversation between young and older self.

  3. true, wisdom is the best gift life offers to us...

  4. I enjoyed both the poetry and prose very much.

  5. This was a most wonderful read!!!!!!!! Always a pleasure to read you!!

  6. How many lessons we learn in a lifetime but sadly we often forget and make the same mistakes again. If only our younger selves would give us a bit of a nudge now and then to put us straight! What a great poetic presentation this is.

  7. I especially love the closing lines in your poem......the memories gleaming like dewdrops in the sunshine.......lovely.

  8. 'Memories reach my eyes, gleaming just like dewdrops in the sunshine'.. this is gorgeous!💘

  9. "gleaming just like dewdrops in the sunshine" Such a lovely line. Would that all of our memories were as beautiful. Toni Spencer is Kanzensakura.

  10. "josh me" -- this was unexpected, and delightful. The world needs more play.