Thursday, May 25, 2017

I Trust You

Niyati flinched the moment Shukla aunty left her house. She hastily walked towards her room, trying to avoid any cross-questioning from her mother.

‘Niyati,’ her mom called.

Niyati turned to look at her mother, feeling nervous. ‘It doesn’t matter what others say,’ her mother said. ‘I trust you, completely!’ Her smile reflecting warmth. ‘Come here.’ Her mother settled on the sofa. 

‘You know what, criticism is inevitable. Take it as a challenge. It encourages you. It makes you strong.’

Niyati gaped at her mother, she could feel her tension melting. ‘So I managed to fool you.' Niyati thought as she forced a smile.

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  1. I detest that woman, trying to pull something over on her trusting mother. Alana

  2. Sometimes we loses a friend, but when you cannot confide in a mother you lose much more than that.

  3. It's wonderful to have someone who trusts you and believes in you when the world out there is pulling you down!

  4. This is so not nice. I do hope whatever she is hiding doesn't get her in trouble.

  5. We all hide few things from Parents....but it must not put us or them in trouble. Nice and short read. #writingwednesdays

  6. @ Bookworm: Oh yes. Such people do exist but isn't it sad that the woman is not wrong?

    Thanks for reading.

    @ Old Egg; True.

    @ Shilpa: Yes, it's wonderful.

    @ Tulika: :)

  7. @ Samyukta: Thank you! :)

    @ Sheilagh: :( thanks for reading.

    @ Upasna: Glad you liked. Thanks. :)